Monday, January 7, 2008

Damn, that went fast.

So the Mythical National Championship game is tonight, meaning tomorrow we all give up college football cold turkey and struggle through the off season the way Johnny Cash was forced to give up amphetamines.

(Don't look now, but we may have found a saving grace. Is sounds like our basketball team might not suck this year.)

So about the game, it was a hard decision: who the hell do I root for? On one hand, I'm tired of Ohio State. I'm tired of them winning. I'm tired of them dominating us in recruiting. I'm tired of their old-ass annoying president.

On the other hand, who wants to hear about "SEC Speed" for another 12 months? I sure as hell don't. Nevermind that Michgan manged to beat Florida, no one will give a damn unless Ohio State wins this game. While I don't usually buy the "you have to root for your conference" nonsense, this might be an exception. If the Big Ten gets into the MNC for the second straight year, and gets blown out for the second straight year, there might actually be a backlash. If a Big Ten teams lands on the bubble next year after the final week of the season, you can bet your ass the outcome of the game tonight will be brought up over and over again by the 'experts'.

Because of all of this (and I'm not proud to admit it), I will be rooting for Ohio State in the MNC Game tonight. Go Buckeyes, please don't embarrass yourself again.

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