Sunday, January 13, 2008

Re: Foul Shots

I am not a basketball expert. I know how the game works, and even some of the more in depth strategy that gets employed by those who run things, but no one has ever come to me for advise regarding the sport. Ok, glad we got that out of the way.

With that being said, what the hell is the deal with Penn State foul shooting? For those of you ready to jump on the band wagon, realize that the team is shooting 60% form the line. You don't shoot that poorly from the line and win much. I would guess that 60% of the people reading this could shoot better than 60% from the line, 100% of the time. Add that up. So, 60%, that's, what, like last in the Big Ten? Second to last I guess. Ya, a lot more like a Penn State basketball team.

But seriously, of the four guys on the team with more than 20 attempts, only David Jackson is shooting better than 70%. For comparison, Michigan State has eight guys that are shooting free throws better than that. Eight guys!

Now before I get accused of hating on Penn State basketball, know that I am not. I want them to win, I've even paid to see them play. I just know that over the past 5 or 6 years they perpetually think they have a good team, and don't. They've finished in last place like five times since 2001.

I want them to improve. I don't want to have to write posts about how they shoot foul shots at a lower percentage than the youth league team my friend started coaching. I want them to compete at the next level, and they should be able to. They are the basketball team of a Big Ten school, with Big Ten resources. No one except Northwestern has been bottom feeding* as long as we have and it doesn't make any sense.

*Does the term "bottom feeding" even apply when you finish dead last five times since 2002? Are you really "bottom feeding" on anything when you are that bad?

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