Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Universe's Crual Catch-22

I was watching a video at EDSBS. Youtube does this tricky thing now where, after you finish watching an embedded video, about five other 'related' videos preview on the bottom of the viewing window. These videos are rarely related. Well after hearing the former Alabama interem head coach run his mouth like a 75 year old man on amphetamines, I accidentally (I swear) clicked on this 'related' video:

These girls are all in college, which answers the question "How in the world can someone go through life being that stupid and never be called out on it?" That question, of course, was asked after I watched this video for the first time:

But this is not the point of this post. The point of this post is answering this question: would you rather have the tailgating lots filled with good looking girls in dresses like the ones above? Or a fan base, both male and female, that actually knows what the hell is going on? One that doesn't huddle up to give the coach a randomly assigned B+ but rather has a real opinion. Girls that go to the game to watch the game instead of oh-ill-just-put-vodka-in-my-swite-and-ill-be-good-to-go-til-half-time-when-ill-leave-because-ill-forget-where-i-like-am.

You didn't come here for answers and I have none. I'd love to say I like Penn State the way it is (guess which option that is?) but I've also never tailgated in the south. Then again, I really hate being around stupid people, a lot, and when I'm drunk and throwing the football around the scenery really doesn't matter at that point. Ok, I pick option two, but this is subject to change.


AUgrad from EDSBS said...

Joe Kines was an Alabama interim head coach, not Auburn's.

Paterno Lives! said...

ya, blew that one, thanks for the correction...probably something i shouldn't mess up in the future..."Pitt head coach Joe Paterno"

Hawkeye State said...

Um, no offense to smart people, but I spend my week arguing about college football. If it's gameday, bring on the hot chicks.