Monday, January 7, 2008

RichRod already making an impact?

The big question now that Rich Rodriguez has joined the Big Ten brotherhood is weather he will be able to successfully implement a true gimmick spread offense in a league that has traditionally rejected it. While is has shown some success at places like Purdue and Northwestern, weather it is because of lack of talent or lack of novelty, no one has been able to win consistently with that style of X&O's. People wonder that, if RichRod does pull it off, will the rest of the Big Ten be forced to follow suit? To make adjustments both of defense but also add a modern element of their own?

Well, the truth is this has already happened. No one expected JoePa to put Daryll Clark during the Alamo Bowl. I mean no one. Yet throughout the game Paterno sent in the mobile quarterback, who ended the night with 50 yards on the ground. Probably more important than the yards Clark gained, he forced A&M's defense to back off, and they were consistently caught off guard by our offense.

Michigan followed suit a couple days later. Carr, coaching the last gave of his career, used what many considered aspects of RichRod's offense, albeit in small doses, to keep the Gator defense from keying in on Hart.

Now, leading up to the MNC Game tonight, there is a lot of talk about Ohio Stat using mobile backup QB Antonio Henton in much the same way Clark was utilized. So much so that Miles actually commented on it during his press conference:

"We saw all of his early tape and we kind of got a decent feel for his abilities," said Miles. "I think we have a nice plan ready to go once he steps on the field."

It will be interesting for sure. This type of thing does not come naturally to Tressel, he has historically kept things very clear and efficient. Adding an entirely new aspect of offense, one that has not been used much at all during the season, is not his style. But then again, you can say the same thing about JoePa, ten fold.

Either way it will be interesting. And maybe RichRod will change the Big Ten. Then again, maybe this is all for Terrelle Pryor.

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