Friday, January 18, 2008

My Last Terrelle Pryor Post - Where Is He Headed?

For a while I had decided that I was simply done with this thing. I don't really care where the hell he ends up. It would be great to have him, and he appears to be the real deal, but we have quarterbacks. I'll have do a little research before I can tell you for sure, but my gut feeling is that our program will survive life without Pryor.

So here it is, the final round-out...Where is Terrelle Pryor going? Where is Terrelle Pryor headed? Terrelle Pryor to Michigan? Terrelle Pryor to Ohio State? These google searches and more, after this short message.

For most of the past two months the Ohio State fan base has tried to convince everyone that he will be a Buckeye. This might be true, but when I posted this, I heard from two different places that Ohio State had given up recruiting him. That Michigan had pretty much signed the kid.

Despite that, three of the four 'experts', to this day, pick OSU as the final destination of their #1 ranked recruit.

However, the Detroit Free press has passed along a story, via ESPN, that Pryor has totally eliminated all schools on his list except for Oregon and Michigan (although some at ESPN still think OSU is a distant third rather than non-existent).

This is all just a couple days after Pryor announced that LSU was on the list.

Penn State remains on the list, technically, however Pryor did cancel his final visit to the school.

I'll send all this to NASA and have them figure out exactly what it means, results will be posted upon arrival.

Keep in mind that this is the same kid who called Rivals at 3am to report that he had added Duke to his list. Duke has never been on his list. This kid is making a mockery of the whole process and I love it. Good for him. I hope he goes to Temple and admits at signing day that was the plan all along.

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