Wednesday, January 9, 2008

All streaks must come to an end...

Well, they are suppose to. There is one in particular that I am concerned with: Michigan's total dominance of PSU. We haven't beaten them in ten years.

10/14/2006 vs. *Michigan (11-2) L 10 17
10/15/2005 @ *Michigan (7-5) L 25 27
10/12/2002 @ *Michigan (10-3) L 24 27
10/6/2001 vs. *Michigan (8-4) L 0 20
11/11/2000 @ *Michigan (9-3) L 11 33
11/13/1999 vs. *Michigan (10-2) L 27 31
11/7/1998 @ *Michigan (10-3) L 0 27
11/8/1997 vs. *Michigan (12-0) L 8 34

By far the most painful moment of my undergraduate years was watching Hene's completion for the go-ahead score, in person, using clock time that should have never existed. Fucking Big Ten refs and their Michigan shrines.

Anyway, good news: Manningham, Arrington and Mallett are all leaving Michigan. Now I talked about Mallett leaving on the Rumor Rankings a couple of weeks ago, giving it a 5.1/5.0. Mallett's father quickly defended the prospect that his All-Texas son would have to leave. Well Paps, that's Rumor Rankings 1, Mallett's Old Man 0.

This year's #1 free agent, Ryan Mallett

As for the other two, that is a pleasant surprise. Losing an all world O lineman, shifty RB and dependable QB is one thing, but then to give up your entire receiving core is quite another. This offense is bare, I mean Penthouse bare, and while recruiting will no doubt be off the charts (Pryor is all but a lock at this point), even USC can't turn freshman into dependable production in one year.

Which leads to the final question: will we have the balls to attack Michigan this year while they are down?


Fark said...

Mallet's dad reminds me a bit of morelli's dad! pretty scary shit!

Good thoughts but i don't know dude. We had a golden chance against them this year (henne out, one of mallet's first games as a starter and what not) , but yet they managed to sneak through. I don't want to hold my breath on this. We just seem to shit our pants when we play them. Carr just had Joe's number. It's not the players that seem to matter in this contest. I just would like to see if Joe matches up more favorably against RR.

psu2010 said...

sounds like tebo's dad too.

i totally agree about the crap ourselves thing.

Paterno Lives! said...

fark, you are totally right about Carr, and what's amazing is that, of all people, he could figure Joe out but no one else could. Ya OSU beats us often, but I have to think that is because they are always the better team. The same can't be said about Michigan. It wasn't true in 2005 and it sure wasn't true this past year.

Carr is gone, and while I don't like Joe's chances against a cowboy like RR (someone who wouldn't punt on OSU's 38 yard line), it obviously can't be any worse.