Monday, December 17, 2007

Rumor Rankings!

A little 'by the seat of my pants' but after a slow couple days last week, the holiday season has brought soap opera drama galore!

I'll, once again, give you a truth rating, out of 5, because things rated out of 5 tend to have more credibility. It is based on nothing substantial and can change from hour to Rumors themselves.

Rumor #5: Nick F'n Saban is going to WVU

Or, better put, he had his agent, who I'm sure is constantly on call, contact the WVU athletic department.

This one is far out, very, very, far out, like on acid and I don't remember my first name the next day fucked up. If you would have told me two days ago that Rich Rod and his love boy Pryor would be at Michigan, I'd a called you crazy, and that same notion is pulling at me now.

This has been the year of "shut the hell up" moments and I'm done pretending the one yesterday will be the last. This thing has been confirmed several places as, well, containing "legs", and so, because I don't doubt it based on Saban's track record and Bama's finish, what the hell.

Update: It appears Saban rumors are good business. The guy got over 90,000 hits yesterday. I knew this thing was a little off, but its still Saban.

Rumor Ranking (Downgrade) 1.0/5.0

Rumor #6: Mallett to PSU?

Totally factless rumor that Mallett called Penn State today in his search to not be the backup in a gimmick offense. While I literally fell on the floor laughing the first time I pictured this 7' QB running the White/Slayton/Spread thing, I think this kid bailing in Michigan is about a 5.1/5.

But would he really walk into an already, hopefully, competitive starting job race? I doubt it. He is from Texas and so has lots of ties to several Big XII schools along with Arkansas. While he might have called, he's not going to be our QB, not unless Saban goes to WVU.

Update: Mallett's father told the USAToday not to "jump to conclusions."

Ok, your son is arguably the worst candidate for Ram-Rod offense in D1a football. He's either gone or sitting, period. Is he going to PSU? Probably not, so I'm not going to change the ranking; but your son is 7' tall man, start looking, now.

Rumor Ranking 1.0/5.0

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