Thursday, December 6, 2007

The More You Know, Thursday Edition

The More You Know, Part I
The More You Know, Part II

Were you aware? That Texas A&M is the third wheel in their conference too? A&M always makes a big deal out of playing the Sooners and Longhorns during the regular season dispite the fact neither one would pick A&M as the first girl to go to the dance. Sound familiar?

(You know, to take a step back from the sarcastic informational tone for a second...I started this stupid 'The More You Know' bit because there just isn't that much to write about during the limbo period, but the more I look into this thing the more I realize that A&M truly is the Penn State of the Big XII, but, of course, with more guns and less hills.)

Want more proof A&M is the third wheel? Check this out. That's right, again, like Dear Old State, A&M has averaged the third best recruiting class over the past couple of years.

Texas A&M, just like Penn State since 1876, only more inbred.

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