Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pryor adds Michigan to list

I hate following recruiting. The incentives for the list-makers are all fucked up, and besides that, if NFL scouts can't accurately rank a limited number of college seniors with the help of vast video and in person combines, how the hell can a bunch of poorly paid internet loser rank every single 18 year old kid playing football with any kind of accuracy.

Despite all of that I think Pryor is a program changer for us. Of all the recruiting races Penn State has been involved in over the past five years, this one is probably the only one I will admit to truly caring about.

So before RR called his players, or even his bosses at WVU, he called Pryor and told him to come to Michigan with him. Michigan is now on the short list along with Florida, OSU, PSU and Oregon.

"He called me this morning and told me before he announced to anyone," said Pryor. "He said he's keeping the same offense that he had at West Virginia because it's all he knows. I love that offense. I told him I was very interested."

The only problem I have here is that I've heard he lowered WVU on his list because he didn't want to become a system QB in college and be underdeveloped for the NFL.

A couple things piss me off about this whole situation. One is that RR played the 'I am at home card' last year when Bama came calling and bailed the very next season. Then, instead of just jumping ship like a man, he goes and calls all his recruits, think of it as a second kick in the balls.
"My list is made up of some of the same teams," Pryor said. "Ohio State is in there, Florida is in there and Penn State is in there, but now Oregon is in the mix and now Michigan - so a lot has changed. Tennessee and West Virginia are now out."

While I guess it's great that, despite our mediocrity the past two years, we are being considered with OSU and UF, I don't like our chances now that both Michigan and Oregon are also on the list.

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