Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The More You Know, Part II

"The More You Know" is an almost daily antidote for all Penn State faithful regarding their upcoming bout with the the Texas A&M Aggies. As Confucius says, "In order to kill you enemies, you must learn to love them"...or something like that.

We are all well aware that Penn State, originally titled the Farmers' High School of Pennsylvania, was later renamed The Agricultural College of Pennsylvania around the same time the school became a Land Grant College. Well, I think we are going to have to add a couple more random pictures and maybe even a cannon or something to this piece of shit:

That's right, folks, A&M can join the party! They were also designated a Land Grant College in 1876. As far as I know, they are not required to play an artificial rivalry...sounds like a good deal to me.

And that's the more you know.

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