Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Have you Spit on a Pitt fan today?

So the courts didn't hold back, making an example out of the Pitt student involved in the famous 'incident' as well as the fraternity that hosted the party.

Richard Eisenberger Jr., a 20-year-old Pittsburgh University student from Bethlehem Township, pleaded guilty to harassment and disorderly conduct and paid $537 in fines and court fees to close the case, according to a clerk at District Judge Carmine Pretia's office in State College.

Um, $537 dollars for what was essentially assault? Underages are more than that, and despite this loser being under 21, no underage was administered. So thats why the drinking age is so damn high here. Now I'm not a proponent of punishing college kids for drinking, I think it's a joke, but I am a fan of this guy getting bitchslapped for the shame he brought to my school and so I am waiving some of my principles.

Oh, and the frat?

The fraternity that hosted the party, Pi Kappa Alpha, also was cited for disorderly conduct. The fraternity submitted its guilty plea and paid $327 in fines and court costs yesterday, according to the court clerk.

So between the whole brotherhood that's, what, like $1.45 a person? I think the beer that was thrown at the two OSU fans cost more than $327, but then again it was probably Natural Light and I don't think a frat could drink $327 dollars worth of that stuff in a semester.

Now I don't know where the frat stands with the school, I suppose the fact that they are paying fines means they are still an organization, which is unfortunate. You know I don't mean to rag on an entire group because of a few douche bags (hu-hem!):

If you can't go to college, go to Pitt...or pretend to be a PSU fan?

But if the school has given up on 'calming the crowds', well just admit it. You know I don't even care, I have a damn good time when I go up for games. I am not a big fan of the law, especially the ones that are in charge in State College, but, again, douche bags need to be conditioned and making them ask their parents for an extra $327 this week isn't going to change anything.

High horsed rant is now over, now back to your regularly scheduled program.

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