Friday, December 14, 2007

Rich Rod to Michigan?

Foolish, but possible. To be honest, and I mean this, I don't know why anyone at any major program would leave their post for the Michigan job. It's just not a good deal. The fans are brutal, you play well recruited ND every year, and unless you win a MNC in your first three seasons you are pretty much done. Oh, and you have to beat Ohio State every year. No exceptions.

This just in from the WWL, Paterno doesn't want a succession plan. Great fucking work ESPN, you guys are great.

UPDATE: By most message board accounts, Rich Rod (I love calling him that) is staying in Morgantown. This isn't an update as much as it is the natural progression of any candidate for the Michigan job (interest reported, ESPN story, report they are taking the job, report they are not taking the job). They are losing recruits by the way. This thing is getting comical.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Michigan has a coach. Way to go guys, that's great news. Can't wait to see Mallet in the White/Slaton offense. After being turned down by the coaches of LSU and Rugers (ha) you landed your man. And by landed I mean stole a guy who had committed over and over again to staying at WVU. What's really interesting is what this does to the big east and, a little more close to home, how this affects Pryor's decision. Rumor is RR called him right before he officially bailed on his alma mater and that Michigan is now on the short list.

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