Thursday, December 13, 2007

Breaking News: OSU likes the BCS system!

The President of Ohio State, which is on its way to their second consecutive BCS Mythical National Championship, it's third in five years, doesn't want a playoff. Strange. I would never have guessed that, after have almost no quality wins in those three years, that a school would be bold enough to say, simply, "The system is working." This is the second time this week I've quoted a fucking loser, but I guess that's what blogging is all about.

"They'll have to wrench a playoff system from my cold, dead hands," Gee said.

Ya, the hands that are filled with the extra millions of dollar you're school is earning from being perfectly setup for easy rides* to the BCS MNC game.

"I think the BCS is working. If I had a vote, I would vote to go back to the (old) bowl system. But of 125 university presidents, 124 of them would not support a playoff system."

Fuzzy math, as there are 120 D1a schools, but I think what you are getting at is that no one wants a playoff, except the 85 million** fans who watch games every weekend, but their opinion doesn't count. Ya, the the system is totally working, we haven't had any controversies at all since the BCS, none at all, the system is good.

"You're talking to a guy who knows it very well having just come from the SEC," he said. "If you talk to the presidents of the SEC, they would all agree that the academic reputation of the Big Ten conference is the strongest in the nation ...If you look at the Big Ten over the last five years, it actually has done pretty well (on the field). Last year, they did not have as good a season as they should have had. That's because I was in the SEC."

Ok, conversation over.

You know I've been on the fence for a I want OSU to win, give us back some credibility, maybe allow us some leeway if we do end up making a run next year? Or do I want them to get blown out of the water for, well, being Ohio State and supporting a President who says stupid shit like the quotes you just read. I think this settles it.

*I understand that we are part of this "easy road", and that I should be ashamed to admit that, but the truth is we are outcoached by Ohio State every time we play them, and I mean by a long shot. In 2002, despite taking no chances and losing Maurice Clarett, they won on a returned interception. In 2005 our defense played their lights out, yet Morelli managed to single hadedly give up 14 points in like 3 minutes. Finally, this year, Ohio State was the first to expose our terrible secondary and our lives have been difficult ever since. Now I'd like to say Tressel is that good, but I have to think it's that we are that bad. They lost at home to Ron Zook, come on, opinion solidified.

**Totally made up number.

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