Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beaver Smack Talk?

Believe it:

For the low low price of $800,000, OSU is going to make a one and done trip to Beaver Stadium. I am already over the Beaver Jokes, they are everywhere right now, but, and don't hold me to this, I can't keep the smile off my face when I think about the possibility of Pam Ward saying the word 'beaver' over and over again. Not that I want her and whatever loser she is paired with calling my games, ever, but this just might be an exception.

Oregon State University Director of Athletics Bob De Carolis

"Any time you can play a team of historic proportions and play a team coached by a hall of fame coach (Joe Paterno), you go for it," De Carolis said. "It’s a great venue to play in. It’s going to be loud and raucous. It will be a great experience for our kids, similar to LSU. But make no mistake; we are going to win the game*."

He later told reports that, per discussion with the PSU athletic department, "If I am on the field near Joe Pa, they have given me permission to walk up and touch him. If we are traveling all the way to Happy Valley, I want to make sure we are getting to play against the real JoePa and not some machine/flesh hybrid."

*Strong words. While historical data isn't much a predictor, lets look back just for fun. Mr. De Carolis, your team hasn't been to the Rose Bowl since 1965, you haven't won the thing since 1942 dispite being in the league since inception. You've never won your conference outright. Against Big Ten teams you are 10-23, not good, although you haven't played one in over 20 years (1986 v. Michigan, loss). I know you are the AD and have to keep a positive attitude, but don't piss off our linebackers, I beg of you, we've had enough legal trouble over the past 12 months.

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