Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The State of Bradley

The notion that Bradley could be going to WVU has thrown the entire Penn State blogosphere into total chaos. And to be fair, I understand why. But I think we all need to calm the fuck down (sort of).

Now I am not connected to the WVU program, but I do have Internet access. I did some research and, to be honest, the truth really isn't that scary. Based on what is out there right now.

-The buzz is that the main 'choices' are:
Mike Locksley of Illinois
Steve Sarkisian of USC
Steve Logan of BC
Chip Kelly of Oregon

-As has been much publicised on all the major networks, Terry Bowden wants the job badly. But only if it comes with a case of beer.

-So, Bradley. Someone from Morgantown had mentioned:

I haven't heard anything about Bradley.

Ok, so there's that, but a couple days later:
His name is in the hat.

I'm ok with this, in fact I would be a lot more worried if the guy who inspired "Linebacker U" t-shirts, a guy who has a commanding western PA recruiting presense, wasn't even being considered for a coaching job at WVU.

And besides, even if he does interview, even if they do like him, he is still probably, at best, 4th on their list. At best.

An interview never hurt anyone, and even if Bradley is 100% committed to staying at PSU, interviewing for the WVU job to gain some leverage with the Penn State admins is worth his time.

Now, if he does leave? Ya, that's shitty news. It means a couple of things:

-JoePa has, in fact, been string his assistants along for over a decade and not being honest with them.
-JoePa is going nowhere, "Where You Going? Nowhere!"

-The JayPa Rumor, the one where Joe forces PSU to take him with the threat of telling the mob bosses to stop the donations. The one where he runs our program into the ground with terrible QB play and the most predictable offensive play calling in the Big Ten. Ya, that one. Ya that one might not be a rumor any more, it might be the plan...

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