Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The More You Know, Part I

"The More You Know" is an almost daily antidote for all Penn State faithful regarding their upcoming bout with the the Texas A&M Aggies. As Confucius says, "In order to kill you enemies, you must learn to love them"...or something like that.

Did you know? That Texas A&M was formally known as the "Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas"*. Opened in 1876, it was originally designed to be a part of the then-in-progress University of Texas. Ah! But not so fast my friend!

(Corso drops an F-bomb)

The Texas legislature soon redacted their intention, officially declaring A&M an independent school shortly after World War II.

"Texas A&M, just like Penn State since 1876, except flatter"

*Penn State was once named the "Agricultural College of Pennsylvania"...you see, we were a match made in Heaven!

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