Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Morning Thoughts

So the BCS final standing are out this afternoon, and while I usually don't mind waiting until Monday morning to laugh at what all the sportswriters try to make out of the season, this week obviously counts for something.

Two top-two losses means Ohio State is in, and I think this is a dangerous precedent, one that will continue the trend of crappy out of conference games. Why play anyone when you could lose? Sure LSU is going to get into the Mythical National Championship game, and despite what the 'experts' say its not because of's because all those morons picked LSU there in the first place and now they can sleep at night. LSU has been in the forefront of this discussion all year, even after their second loss. People just don't want to accept that they aren't the best team in the nation.

Now I'm not saying they aren't, just that the reason they are getting in has a lot more to do with the preseason polls than with SOS. I may be wrong in just a couple of hours but there is no way we are watching anything but an OSU-LSU MNC Game.

Finally, I was reminded to refrain from "drinking and thinking" yesterday after my 10th beer of the afternoon. I thought I saw something along the ESPN bottom line saying that Nebraska was going to the Alamo bowl...the way those things work I rarely read an entire sentense as my attention isn't usually drawn until the end of the bit, but naturally I grabbed by buddies laptop and looked it up.

Ya, this dumb.

I found this link, and so without think or checking any other sure, I called everyone I knew and drunkenly explained how excited I was for the "Lost Powerhouse Bowl". I was actually pretty excited. I forgot a couple of things: this for starters. Nebraska isn't even bowl eligable, so for them to be selected over 8-4 Texas Tech or 7-5 Texas A&M would be, well, difficult. That is, unless the Alamo Bowl selection committe was a drunk as I was around 4:00 pm yesterday.

Anyway, now that Michigan is a lock for the Cap One against a likely Florida, and the Zookers are probably playing USC in Southern California, we can all rest assured that, even if OSU manages to beat a much more talented LSU in the MNC Game, the Big Ten Sucks chants aren't going away anytime soon.

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