Saturday, December 29, 2007

There is actually a Penn State football game today.

I know, it doesn't sound right, but the Penn State University Nittany Lions will be playing the Texas Agriculture and Mining* University Aggies tonight at 8 pm. Damn that took a long time to type. Don't forget to review you "The More You Know" episodes this morning. There will be a test at halftime.

Penn State sold their tickets faster than any other school in the 15 year history of the Alamo Bowl, who says the Big Ten is slow?

What I'm Looking Forward To: Seeing Royster healthy, the possibility of our offense opening up, Connor and Lee for the last time, the possibility (please!) of seeing Clark and Devin actually throw a pass, a win.

What I Don't Care About: Morelli's last game, "Representing the Big Ten", the 700 different graphics ESPN will show telling us this is Paterno's 500th game

All in all, although this game might not mean much, I am surprisingly very excited just to see them play. It's been a long time, The Jersey has been on the floor too long.

* According to Wikiepdia, which is not even a real source, "A&M" doesn't actually stand for anything. I think this is bullshit. Almost as stupid and naming your kid J Leman.

Friday, December 28, 2007

New Coaching Wrinkle - Golden Waiting It Out Too?

Temple head football coach Al Golden, who interviewed twice for the UCLA job, has withdrawn his name from consideration.

"UCLA is a world-class institution, and athletic director Dan Guerrero is a first-class person," Golden said. "However, we are on the brink of something truly special here at Temple."

My take on this: Turning Temple around is a noble task indeed. This team perpetually made ESPN's Bottom Ten, but managed to climb out of that mock list this year. They almost beat UConn in week three, and would have given PSU a game if it wasn't for the red zone turnovers. Golden has done a good job there and I understand why he wants to finish what he started. Sort of.

This is still UCLA, a Pac 10 team in a major market. Turn them down for, a lower tier Mac school? There has to be something else to this. And I think there is.

Spaniard has said that once the Paterno era is over they have no interest in signing a multi-million dollar coach. I believe him. Schiano (and if you're a dreamer, Stoops) would have to take a huge pay cut to be the Penn State coach. I just don't know if you would give up a decent/good thing with a lot of money for a not certain thing and something like one-third the cash. There is no promise that, with what will probably be the existing staff, you are going to do well enough to keep the job for more than five years.

This is where Golden steps in. The guy would probably be getting a raise if he were hired by PSU. He has the character to appease the older alums and the performance to get the "let's win already" guys excited. Patero love him, which appears to be more and more important as we sail through this thing.

Would I want the guy as a head coach? Sure, he has class, he is a "Blue-Blood", and he might even be able to land some Philly recruits. He turned around Temple, a team that was on the brink of folding, and now he has turned down the UCLA job to finish what he started. I know internal hire is another option, but if we go outside the program this guy's name is going to be at near the top of the list. He's a perfect fit from the progam's perspective.

The Peoples Hero

Morelli is catching a lot of slack this week. While the majority of the comments fall into the "thank god the era is over" bucket, there are also a rising number of fans, and reporters, who are upset by this. I don't really care.

Should he have shown up? Yes. Do I care that he didn't? No. I wasn't going to read what he had to say anyway. Do I think it's a joke that the reports thought it appropriate to ask Galen Hall as well as several of the players "where is Anthony Morelli?" No, I don't. Those kids are giving you their time to talk about the game and themselves, don't try to drag them into your mud slinging piece.

Now I'm not here to defend Morelli, he has done so many things that simply piss me off (see: yelling back at Michigan fans, giving lip to defensive coaches, etc.). After the Illinois game debacle he became an average quarterback. No more, no less. He limited the bonehead plays and made a couple decent passes. He was suppose to be great, but we all should have realized after last season that he was never destine to turn that corner. Maybe this is part our fault for expecting too much, and I know part of the blame is on the coaches for putting all their stock in this kid, but I'm going to watch the Bowl Game and be done with it. He is a kid, he is graduating, and I'm excited to see the Blue and White game.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why you don't have to root for the Big Ten in their bowl games.

It is commonly believed that your conference needs to win their bowl games or the sky will fall. That without some good out of conference wins no one will take your teams seriously. I'm calling bullshit.

Reasons why you don't have to root for the big ten in their bowl games:

#1 - Poor performance doesn't equal punishment. In a season that followed a summer of supreme Big Ten hate, the conference still lands the #1 seed in the MNC despite no overwhelming evidence that they are really any good. In addition, the Big Ten landed their record 15th BCS bid in Illinois*. All this after being ranked the 6th best conference by Sagarin.

#2 - No one really looks at the record anyway. So OSU and UM are blown out of the water, but then Penn State and Wiscy control their games against the mighty SEC. Minnesota dominates but manages to give 31 unanswered points in the last 20 minutes of the game, then another 6 in overtime for a loss. Even an underperforming and barely bowl eligible (6-6) Iowa team had #13 Texas by the horns** before pulling a Minnesota late in that game.

#3 - There will always be an excuse. The Big East went 5-0 last year in their bowls, yet they get no respect because "they didn't play anyone". Penn State beats Tennessee, but "Fulmer just can't win bowl games". Wisconsin beats Arkansas, but "McFadden was hurt" (even though he had over a month to heal)...the whole point is that you don't even get credit for what you do on the field. People, mainly sports writers and pollsters, create expectations about everything, even predictions that they publish for millions of people. So what happens when they are dead wrong? Do they realize they were basing their expectations on flawed logic? No, of course not, they rationalize so that they really weren't that wrong. This way they can write a follow up piece about how the grass was too long, or how the "should have been" winning coach made some terrible play calls. It's never about how stupid they are, it can't be, because then they wouldn't be experts. And what would we do without experts?

*I know that they probably wouldn't be in if it wasn't for the situation, that they needed OSU in the MNC Game and a little love from our good friend the Rose Bowl, but this is really my point. We do have a nice deal, the Rose is going to pick a Big Ten team, usually, if they qualify, and the Zookers qualified.

**No pun is intended, I swear, it just kind of slipped out. Because I know this line has been horrible abused, I had to Goodle search for proof: over 1,000 results.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bowl Games You Shoud Watch

I'm going to be totally honest, I haven't really watched a bowl game yet. I know that's a bit of a shame considering I write a football blog, but whatever. The games have been weak and I've managed to find other things to do. Now that the warm up laps are out of the way, here is the short list of games I'm not going to miss, part one. Games before THE game you shouldn't miss.

Game #1
Motre City Bowl: Purdon't v. Central Michigan, the Redux.
December 23, 8 p.m.

The line: Purdue -7.5

The back story: These two teams have actually already played this year, with Purdue winning the original battle of the titans 45-22. This was all during the "Purdue's offense is for real" part of the season. They managed to win their first five games before Ohio State sent them into a tail spin with a damn-near-shut-out, final score 23-7. Purdue, in typical fashion, managed to fall apart and lose five of their last seven games.

The Chippewas, on the other hand, have improved. While they were blown out by Purdue (and the next week by North Dakota State 44-14), they soon turned it around, winning seven of nine and taking home the MAC Championship.

To understand this contest, we need not look much further than the UCLA-BYU bowl game, which was also a rematch. The Motor City Bowl is really just a crappy remake of that game, like Caddy Shack II or Planet of the Apes. Look for Purdue to play the part of the Bruins, with the Chippewas given a chance because they actually want to be there.

Why Penn State Fans should care: You shouldn't, really, I could give you the "Big Ten needs to win their bowl games" speech but the truth is no one cares about this game. No one will be watching it (West Lafayette included), and if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around...

Regardless, it's a Big Ten game, the first one, and like your little sisters dance recital, you better get your ass there.

Game #2
Sunshine Classic
Blockbuster Bowl
Carquest Bowl
MicronPC Bowl Bowl
Visit Florida Tangerine Bowl
Mazda Tangerine Bowl
Champs Sports Bowl: Boston College v. Michigan State

December 28, 5 p.m.

The line: BC -4

The back story: Nothing says rich tradition and nationally relevant like a bowl that has been named eight different times in seventeen years. Boston College finished second in their conference, Michigan State? Eighth. Fuzzy math. Then, because this game isn't lopsided enough, five MSU players will sitting out because of "academic and other" violations. Stay classy Sparty.

Why Penn State Fans should care: Despite having a much better record and being ahead in most statistical categories, BC is only a 4 point favorite. This line actually opened at 3. Now I'd love to jump all over a #2 vs #8 matchup, but the bookies are suggesting that it might be a decent game. Besides, Michigan State really pissed me off with that fake punt, and even though we weren't playing any defense we still should have won that game.

I never cared for the Land Grant Trophy, but after a loss that should have never been, Mike and I are both Fellin' the Hate. Screw Sparty...start printing the T-Shirts.

Game #3
Emerald Bowl: Maryland vs. Oregon State
December 28, 8:30 p.m.

The line: OSU -4.5

The back story: Gotta be honest, I thought ESPN was making up this bowl. I was surprised to hear that FSU and UCLA attended in 2006, but because these two teams were garbage last season, I soon realized I shouldn't have been surprised.

The Bowl's claim to fame is the record setting drive Navy executed during the Emerald bowl of 2004. Up 31-19 with two minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter, the Midshipman ran what the NCAA later declared the longest drive in the history of the sport. It lasted 14 minutes and 28 seconds. The play by play is comical. They drove from their own 1 to the opponents 4 and kicked a field goal. A fucking field goal! Nothing says 'exciting bowl game' like 15 minutes, 95 yard drives for field goals.

Oh, the game. Right. Oregon State and Maryland. Both are extraordinarily average. OSU's record is misleading as they were owned by every decent team on their schedule and would have two more losses if it wasn't for Dixon tearing an ACL and this:

Why Penn State Fans should care: We play Oregon State next year, second week of the season. I don't know much about their team so I figure I owe to to them to watch. After all, they "are going to win the game".*

*No they're not.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

If at first you don't succeed

Welcome to the first drunk post of the holidays. Its a wonderful time indeed.

So lets get down to the point of the post, which does, in fact, relate to the title.

The Centre County DA has refiled federal charges against Bowmand and Baker. Now I'm not here to defend these guys, especially Baker, but come the fuck on.

The DA has a history of picking on football players. In just the past 2 or 3 years you can come up with half a dozen examples. Now I know football player, historically, tend to get the benifit of the doubt, but I would argue in S.C. they do not. Mr. [name redacted], you swung for the fenses. The judge, without the case even going to trial, told you to go F yourself. So what do you do? You re-file the charges like a five year old.

According to Baker's lawyer:

"The commonwealth is abusing its authority and has selectively identified two individuals it believes is responsible for these alleged crimes, and is shirking its responsibility to bring everyone responsible into court."

Friday, December 21, 2007

Bowl Preview Cop Out

I've never really enjoyed reading the major sports 'news' sites, except of course to mock them. They typically suck, lend no insight, and aren't that interesting to read.

In a moment of personal weakness, and understandable boredom, I broke down and read the bowl previews at the major corporate sites. I'm not proud of what I've done.

In these types of situations, I typically read, say "that is total bullshit", and then move on. I couldn't do it this time. It's too awful. Let's take a look.

Alamo Bowl Preview, Mark Schlabach of ESPN:

Penn State's Joe Paterno will be coaching in his 500th game; Texas A&M's Gary Darnell will be coaching in his first as the Aggies' interim coach. Darnell, the team's defensive coordinator, replaces Dennis Franchione, who resigned after upsetting rival Texas in the regular-season finale. Penn State shut out the Aggies 24-0 in the 1999 Alamo Bowl.

Great, when in doubt about Penn State, just talk about how old JoePa is. Never fails. Then, when even that old faithful won't fill up the 50 word minimum your editor gave you, bring up the score of a totally irrelevant game between the same two teams that happened almost a decade ago.

Well, at least I got that out of the way, let's try to find something about the actual game, Rivals, what do ya got for me?
Top storyline: Penn State coach Joe Paterno will coach his 500th game for the Nittany Lions. Since his first win – 15-7 over Maryland on Sept. 17, 1966 – Texas A&M has had seven coaches (Gene Stallings, Emory Bellard, Tom Wilson, Jackie Sherrill, R.C. Slocum, Dennis Franchione and new guy Mike Sherman).

Thanks asshole, but ESPN already said that. And thanks for bringing up the names of Gene Stallings, Emory Bellard, Tom Wilson, Jackie Sherrill, and R.C. Slocum because they are all very relevant to this bowl game. Next!

From CBS[redacted].com*:
Brand names, bad game. The best thing you can say about these two underachieving teams is that it is Joe Paterno's 500th game. A&M is in disarray until the Mike Sherman administration takes over. Penn State finished tied for fifth in the Big Ten after a disturbing loss to Michigan State in its finale.

This is how good of a sports reporter you are: you told me the game will suck, no information about why, just "this game sucks." At least this loser waited until the second sentence to print the apparently mandatory "500th game" comment. So, what else, oh, quickly look up the last game of the season, check the score, and then (and I know this is what you did) call it 'disturbing' without so much as looking at the box score. Nice work.

Mandel, you're usually good for a laugh. From SI:
Gosh, it's been so long since Dennis Franchione resigned, I almost forgot it was this season. Do you think Aggies interim coach Gary Darnell has taken the time to revamp the entire playbook? And where does new coach Mike Sherman figure into all this? If I'm this confused, whither Joe Paterno?

Um, "whither Joe Paterno?"...what the hell does that even mean? Are you calling him a wrinkly old man? Or did you just watch First Knight and feel the need to talk like a jester from the 15th century? And, of course, your comments have almost nothing to do with the bowl game, but I guess I didn't get the memo about how 'real journalists' don't have to actually write about football any more. Everyone in the room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

*Even in desperate times, I never, ever, ever go to cbs[redacted].com. Where did I get the quote, I found it in my wallet, I swear....ok, I went to the site, but only because after reading the other three I had the idea for this post, and I just knew CBS's would suck, so I found it. It, of course, did suck. Probably worse than the other three, which is why I had to include it.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I have bad news...

It sounds like Doug Flutie is doing color for the Alamo Bowl. Keep the mute button handy.

Over under for how many times they talk about the "Hail Mary"? I don't know what Vegas will set it at but I'm taking the over.

It's Your Friday Noon News

I know, I know, it's not actually Friday...hell it's not even noon yet. But you know what, it's the holidays and I'm traveling tomorrow. Besides, if I changed the title to "Thursday Ten Thirty News" today, I would just have to change it back next time I run one of these, which is annoying. While I still plan on posting for those of you who are still forced to tuck your shirts in tomorrow, I figure I'll get the heavy posting out of the way today. On to the hot stories.

-Justice has been served. The clever bastard who dressed up like a VT shooting victim and posted pictures on the Internet has been fired from his job at Bank of America. He then played the martyr card:

“Things are going to be hard now, especially since I have no outside support. … However, even though I will be starving over the holidays and my credit cards will all default, I still will not apologize,”

Keep up the good work, my friend, the longer you act like an idiot the more gratifying this whole thing is for me.

-First and Fired

In "News You Already Knew", Big Ten refs are corrupt. Other people have posted better humor on this than I can, including the Nittany Line, but, just so you know the facts. The guy has a gambling problem, not exactly a desirable quality in a big time ref:
He allegedly has gambled at casinos as far back as the 1980s, and a sister-in-law said gambling losses incurred by Pamon and Pamon's wife led to the couple filing for bankruptcy.

Oh, speaking of undesirable qualities for big time refs human beings:
In 1997, he was charged with repeatedly beating three of his girlfriend's four sons with an electrical cord. He told authorities he beat the boys three times.

Um, moving on, the Big Ten has decided they will increase their background checks, performing them every year. In typical fashion, they will not specify how they plan to make their background checks more effective, which mean, when you get down to it, the Big Ten isn't going to do anything at all.

-FSU players change the meaning of 'teamwork'. Either 20, 23, or 25 players, depending on who you ask, cheated on an online test. While this is not good, FSU has a bigger problem: why are you hiring professors that think it's ok to give open book, take it anywhere exams? You have 25 Florida State football players in your class. Comeon.

And from the fellow Bowden haters over at EDSBS:
It’s also a clear sign Bobby Bowden just shows up to wear a hat before returning to soft blankets, Civil War histories, and applesauce, and has no real power left to speak of in the day-to-day running of the program. Because this never would have happened in his prime. The reporting, that is.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The State of Bradley

The notion that Bradley could be going to WVU has thrown the entire Penn State blogosphere into total chaos. And to be fair, I understand why. But I think we all need to calm the fuck down (sort of).

Now I am not connected to the WVU program, but I do have Internet access. I did some research and, to be honest, the truth really isn't that scary. Based on what is out there right now.

-The buzz is that the main 'choices' are:
Mike Locksley of Illinois
Steve Sarkisian of USC
Steve Logan of BC
Chip Kelly of Oregon

-As has been much publicised on all the major networks, Terry Bowden wants the job badly. But only if it comes with a case of beer.

-So, Bradley. Someone from Morgantown had mentioned:

I haven't heard anything about Bradley.

Ok, so there's that, but a couple days later:
His name is in the hat.

I'm ok with this, in fact I would be a lot more worried if the guy who inspired "Linebacker U" t-shirts, a guy who has a commanding western PA recruiting presense, wasn't even being considered for a coaching job at WVU.

And besides, even if he does interview, even if they do like him, he is still probably, at best, 4th on their list. At best.

An interview never hurt anyone, and even if Bradley is 100% committed to staying at PSU, interviewing for the WVU job to gain some leverage with the Penn State admins is worth his time.

Now, if he does leave? Ya, that's shitty news. It means a couple of things:

-JoePa has, in fact, been string his assistants along for over a decade and not being honest with them.
-JoePa is going nowhere, "Where You Going? Nowhere!"

-The JayPa Rumor, the one where Joe forces PSU to take him with the threat of telling the mob bosses to stop the donations. The one where he runs our program into the ground with terrible QB play and the most predictable offensive play calling in the Big Ten. Ya, that one. Ya that one might not be a rumor any more, it might be the plan...

Another reason to hate the BCS

There are many, for sure. But here is another. The BCS games suck this year, but they didn't have to. The rules allow for a BCS matchup shift that could be enacted if [1] "the same team will be playing in the same bowl game for two consecutive years" or, [2] "whether alternative pairings may have greater or lesser appeal to college football fans".

Haha, good one BCS, the "fans".

Anyway, enough sarcasm. So to get down to it, the BCS selected their teams, looked at the matchups, and then decided that Hawaii-UGA, VT-Kansas(?!), and Oklahoma-WVU where "the balls". No adjustment (namely pitting #3 VT against #4 OU) would be of greater "appeal to college football fans". Or so they say.

So, logically, when someone gets screwed, it's either about money or saving face. In this case the latter appears to be the case. As SI points out, "Theoretically, a decisive victory by Oklahoma -- which is ranked No. 3 in the AP and Coaches polls -- combined with a less decisive LSU victory over the Buckeyes could have opened the door for a split national championship. Unlike the coaches***, AP voters are not obligated to select the BCS title-game winner No. 1."

This actually makes a lot of sense. The BCS does not like splits. The whole justification for the BCS is the fact that they will no longer exist*. Why would they set themselves up when they can make just as much money by taking the safe road.

So, BCS, why can't we have a VT-OU matchup?

"Everybody looked at that, and knowing that, still came to the same conclusion. In any such consideration of something like this, you have to look at the question of what precedent does it set -- particularly when there have been more compelling requests** that have not been granted -- and what are the unintended consequences?"

So the reason why you are making a dumb decision now is because you have made dumb decisions in the past? Ya, that sounds like the kind of fucked up logic that got us here in the first place.

*except sometimes.
**probably referring to the FSU-Miami rematch in 2003.
***This isn't true, after the USC/LSU/OU debacle, the Coach's Poll allowed their members to to vote for whoever they wanted. Most voted for LSU anyway, some did not.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The More You Know, 12th Man?

"The More You Know" is an almost daily antidote for all Penn State faithful regarding their upcoming bout with the the Texas A&M Aggies. As Confucius says, "In order to kill you enemies, you must learn to love them"...or something like that.

The More You Know, Coaching Edition
The More You Know, It's Back!
The More You Know, Thursday Edition
The More You Know, Part II
The More You Know, Part I

Listen to this nonsense. Texas A&M is home of the 12th Man. That's a capital "M" motherfuckers. They are such a strong force, and are so entrenched in tradition, that they registered the tradename and later sued the Seattle Seahawks. Thus pissing off Seahawks fans everywhere:
"Apparently the 12th man thing is big in Aggieland, having been a central part of their football tradition since the 1920s. They even have something called the 12th Man Foundation. I'm not sure what this Foundation does ... perhaps they're charged with raising money to support lawsuits?"

"Yo, Texas A&M, one word for you — chill! Cease and desist with your whining. Get a life. Get 12 of them."

They later settled with no interesting repercussions.

Anyway, the 12th Man is such a big deal at A&M some people go as far as to say it qualifies as the "best tradition in college football":

That's right folks, you just heard the ex-head coach of the Aggies call his three-quarters-full student section "the best tradition in college football." Um, while I still think this is infinitely cooler than a tuba player taking a bow, I have to call bullshit. So let's do a little research, per the ultra reliable wikipedia:
In Dallas on January 2, 1922, at the Dixie Classic (the forerunner of the Cotton Bowl) A&M played defending national champion Centre College in the first post-season game in the southwest. A&M had so many injuries in the first half of the game that Coach D. X. Bible feared he wouldn’t have enough men to finish the game. He called into the Aggie section of the stands for E. King Gill, a reserve who had left football after the regular season to play basketball. Gill volunteered and donned the uniform of injured player Heine Weir. Although he did not actually play, his readiness symbolized the willingness of all Aggies to support their team to the point of actually entering the game. A&M won 22-14, but E. King Gill was the only man left standing on the sidelines for the Aggies. The 12th Man has evolved into an Aggie tradition. The student body, known as the "12th Man", stands throughout the entire game, "ready to help the team".[111]

Let me get this straight, your team showed up to a football game in 1922 against the best team in the nation with, let's say, 15 people. Good start. Four of them get hurt, so now you have, presumably, 11 guys playing both sides of the ball. Then, you point to the crowd of, um, shit I couldn't even guess, probably not very many people. You find a guy who used to play football, he stands next to you for two hours, and, despite there being no subs except this Gill character, he doesn't set foot on the field. The greatest tradition in college football is born.

And that's the more you know.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Rumor Rankings!

A little 'by the seat of my pants' but after a slow couple days last week, the holiday season has brought soap opera drama galore!

I'll, once again, give you a truth rating, out of 5, because things rated out of 5 tend to have more credibility. It is based on nothing substantial and can change from hour to Rumors themselves.

Rumor #5: Nick F'n Saban is going to WVU

Or, better put, he had his agent, who I'm sure is constantly on call, contact the WVU athletic department.

This one is far out, very, very, far out, like on acid and I don't remember my first name the next day fucked up. If you would have told me two days ago that Rich Rod and his love boy Pryor would be at Michigan, I'd a called you crazy, and that same notion is pulling at me now.

This has been the year of "shut the hell up" moments and I'm done pretending the one yesterday will be the last. This thing has been confirmed several places as, well, containing "legs", and so, because I don't doubt it based on Saban's track record and Bama's finish, what the hell.

Update: It appears Saban rumors are good business. The guy got over 90,000 hits yesterday. I knew this thing was a little off, but its still Saban.

Rumor Ranking (Downgrade) 1.0/5.0

Rumor #6: Mallett to PSU?

Totally factless rumor that Mallett called Penn State today in his search to not be the backup in a gimmick offense. While I literally fell on the floor laughing the first time I pictured this 7' QB running the White/Slayton/Spread thing, I think this kid bailing in Michigan is about a 5.1/5.

But would he really walk into an already, hopefully, competitive starting job race? I doubt it. He is from Texas and so has lots of ties to several Big XII schools along with Arkansas. While he might have called, he's not going to be our QB, not unless Saban goes to WVU.

Update: Mallett's father told the USAToday not to "jump to conclusions."

Ok, your son is arguably the worst candidate for Ram-Rod offense in D1a football. He's either gone or sitting, period. Is he going to PSU? Probably not, so I'm not going to change the ranking; but your son is 7' tall man, start looking, now.

Rumor Ranking 1.0/5.0

The More You Know, Coaching Edition

"The More You Know" is an almost daily antidote for all Penn State faithful regarding their upcoming bout with the the Texas A&M Aggies. As Confucius says, "In order to kill you enemies, you must learn to love them"...or something like that.

The More You Know, It's Back!
The More You Know, Thursday Edition
The More You Know, Part II
The More You Know, Part I

I bet you've heard: That Texas A&M (or aTm as their message board faithful call themselves) was one of the many schools that canned their coach this winter. His name was Dennis Franchione. This guy was upset about it:

Unlike Michigan, A&M thought it might be a good idea to fill the open position quickly. He was replaced by Mike Sherman, the OC of the Houston Texans.

You may also remember Mike from his stint as the Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers, he did well there, winning the division three years in a row. He was fired in 2006 for allowing Bubba Franks to hurt himself. He also once canceled a press conference because a cameraman forgot to turn off his cell phone. Good stuff Mike. Very 6th grade teacher of you.

Sherman was offered the $2 million salary of his predecessor but instead, somehow, managed to walk away with $1.8 million. And that's the more you know.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pryor adds Michigan to list

I hate following recruiting. The incentives for the list-makers are all fucked up, and besides that, if NFL scouts can't accurately rank a limited number of college seniors with the help of vast video and in person combines, how the hell can a bunch of poorly paid internet loser rank every single 18 year old kid playing football with any kind of accuracy.

Despite all of that I think Pryor is a program changer for us. Of all the recruiting races Penn State has been involved in over the past five years, this one is probably the only one I will admit to truly caring about.

So before RR called his players, or even his bosses at WVU, he called Pryor and told him to come to Michigan with him. Michigan is now on the short list along with Florida, OSU, PSU and Oregon.

"He called me this morning and told me before he announced to anyone," said Pryor. "He said he's keeping the same offense that he had at West Virginia because it's all he knows. I love that offense. I told him I was very interested."

The only problem I have here is that I've heard he lowered WVU on his list because he didn't want to become a system QB in college and be underdeveloped for the NFL.

A couple things piss me off about this whole situation. One is that RR played the 'I am at home card' last year when Bama came calling and bailed the very next season. Then, instead of just jumping ship like a man, he goes and calls all his recruits, think of it as a second kick in the balls.
"My list is made up of some of the same teams," Pryor said. "Ohio State is in there, Florida is in there and Penn State is in there, but now Oregon is in the mix and now Michigan - so a lot has changed. Tennessee and West Virginia are now out."

While I guess it's great that, despite our mediocrity the past two years, we are being considered with OSU and UF, I don't like our chances now that both Michigan and Oregon are also on the list.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Rich Rod to Michigan?

Foolish, but possible. To be honest, and I mean this, I don't know why anyone at any major program would leave their post for the Michigan job. It's just not a good deal. The fans are brutal, you play well recruited ND every year, and unless you win a MNC in your first three seasons you are pretty much done. Oh, and you have to beat Ohio State every year. No exceptions.

This just in from the WWL, Paterno doesn't want a succession plan. Great fucking work ESPN, you guys are great.

UPDATE: By most message board accounts, Rich Rod (I love calling him that) is staying in Morgantown. This isn't an update as much as it is the natural progression of any candidate for the Michigan job (interest reported, ESPN story, report they are taking the job, report they are not taking the job). They are losing recruits by the way. This thing is getting comical.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Michigan has a coach. Way to go guys, that's great news. Can't wait to see Mallet in the White/Slaton offense. After being turned down by the coaches of LSU and Rugers (ha) you landed your man. And by landed I mean stole a guy who had committed over and over again to staying at WVU. What's really interesting is what this does to the big east and, a little more close to home, how this affects Pryor's decision. Rumor is RR called him right before he officially bailed on his alma mater and that Michigan is now on the short list.

The More You Know. It's back!

"The More You Know" is an almost daily antidote for all Penn State faithful regarding their upcoming bout with the the Texas A&M Aggies. As Confucius says, "In order to kill you enemies, you must learn to love them"...or something like that.

The More You Know, Thursday Edition
The More You Know, Part II
The More You Know, Part I

I bet you didn't know? That this is by far the biggest running back PSU has faced all season. Jorvorskie Lane, named by two parents who love the ESPN analysit known as "Jaws" but are also very poor at spelling, weighs in at 293 pounds. Royster and Kinlaw combined weight about as much as this guys face.

"Jorvorskie Lane, excited to be here since 2004"

He totaled 746 yards this season and somehow manged to get his fat fingers around 9 passes for another 82 yards of positive gain. Lets break it down.

-In A&M's seven wins, they've managed to get this kid the pigskin. He bowling-balled his way to an average of 85 yards on 17 carries.

-In the five losses? Down to 30 yards on just 7 carries...this includes a strange and very embarassing loss to the 2007 Miami Hurricanes where he managed just 2 yards on 2 carries.

I don't think these stats allow us to conclude on anything, but then again this segment isn't called "The More You Can Conclude", it's called "The More You Know", and I'm simply telling you what you already knew: that teams run for more yards when they win, usually.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Breaking News: OSU likes the BCS system!

The President of Ohio State, which is on its way to their second consecutive BCS Mythical National Championship, it's third in five years, doesn't want a playoff. Strange. I would never have guessed that, after have almost no quality wins in those three years, that a school would be bold enough to say, simply, "The system is working." This is the second time this week I've quoted a fucking loser, but I guess that's what blogging is all about.

"They'll have to wrench a playoff system from my cold, dead hands," Gee said.

Ya, the hands that are filled with the extra millions of dollar you're school is earning from being perfectly setup for easy rides* to the BCS MNC game.

"I think the BCS is working. If I had a vote, I would vote to go back to the (old) bowl system. But of 125 university presidents, 124 of them would not support a playoff system."

Fuzzy math, as there are 120 D1a schools, but I think what you are getting at is that no one wants a playoff, except the 85 million** fans who watch games every weekend, but their opinion doesn't count. Ya, the the system is totally working, we haven't had any controversies at all since the BCS, none at all, the system is good.

"You're talking to a guy who knows it very well having just come from the SEC," he said. "If you talk to the presidents of the SEC, they would all agree that the academic reputation of the Big Ten conference is the strongest in the nation ...If you look at the Big Ten over the last five years, it actually has done pretty well (on the field). Last year, they did not have as good a season as they should have had. That's because I was in the SEC."

Ok, conversation over.

You know I've been on the fence for a I want OSU to win, give us back some credibility, maybe allow us some leeway if we do end up making a run next year? Or do I want them to get blown out of the water for, well, being Ohio State and supporting a President who says stupid shit like the quotes you just read. I think this settles it.

*I understand that we are part of this "easy road", and that I should be ashamed to admit that, but the truth is we are outcoached by Ohio State every time we play them, and I mean by a long shot. In 2002, despite taking no chances and losing Maurice Clarett, they won on a returned interception. In 2005 our defense played their lights out, yet Morelli managed to single hadedly give up 14 points in like 3 minutes. Finally, this year, Ohio State was the first to expose our terrible secondary and our lives have been difficult ever since. Now I'd like to say Tressel is that good, but I have to think it's that we are that bad. They lost at home to Ron Zook, come on, opinion solidified.

**Totally made up number.

Beaver Smack Talk?

Believe it:

For the low low price of $800,000, OSU is going to make a one and done trip to Beaver Stadium. I am already over the Beaver Jokes, they are everywhere right now, but, and don't hold me to this, I can't keep the smile off my face when I think about the possibility of Pam Ward saying the word 'beaver' over and over again. Not that I want her and whatever loser she is paired with calling my games, ever, but this just might be an exception.

Oregon State University Director of Athletics Bob De Carolis

"Any time you can play a team of historic proportions and play a team coached by a hall of fame coach (Joe Paterno), you go for it," De Carolis said. "It’s a great venue to play in. It’s going to be loud and raucous. It will be a great experience for our kids, similar to LSU. But make no mistake; we are going to win the game*."

He later told reports that, per discussion with the PSU athletic department, "If I am on the field near Joe Pa, they have given me permission to walk up and touch him. If we are traveling all the way to Happy Valley, I want to make sure we are getting to play against the real JoePa and not some machine/flesh hybrid."

*Strong words. While historical data isn't much a predictor, lets look back just for fun. Mr. De Carolis, your team hasn't been to the Rose Bowl since 1965, you haven't won the thing since 1942 dispite being in the league since inception. You've never won your conference outright. Against Big Ten teams you are 10-23, not good, although you haven't played one in over 20 years (1986 v. Michigan, loss). I know you are the AD and have to keep a positive attitude, but don't piss off our linebackers, I beg of you, we've had enough legal trouble over the past 12 months.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

But what about the players!?!

After a century of being a grumpy old man, the Big Ten has agreed to let members play a game after Thanksgiving without the minor stipulation that it be played on a Hawaiian Island.

The Big Ten at their favorite local market.

The administration has, for years, claimed that its just not right for the players...for them to have to be away from their families. Never mind that it allows the cash cow game (OSU and one of the direction Michigans I think) to avoid competing with other rivalries or conference champ games, no, seriously, it's about the players.

Seeing as this is all a load of shit, and just about every coach, including the Old Man himself, has been pushing this for years...I don't buy the explanation. What's best for the players is not having to go to three-a-days all summer, grind through twelve straight games without a bye week, and then prepare during the holidays (and the entire first week of January for BCS teams) for a bowl's never been about the players and it never will be.

Now the the recent change allows teams to shift a game if both competing parties agree. Wisconsin is already trying to finagle their way out of a pickle. They play Michigan, OSU, PSU, Iowa and Illinois* during a five week stretch and are attempting to move the Iowa game to the end of the season. Conference games are scheduled through 2011, so we won't see an automatic after turkey game until at least 2012, although games can be moved as early as next season.

So is this good news? I think so. The voter ADD that seams to get worse and worse every year will not have as big of an impact on Big Ten layoff teams. Just as important, I don't have to sit around and wait for the bowl game while everyone else has 2 or 3 games on their schedule. It will eliminate the bullshit excuse about the 'layoff' effect in bowl games. Also, I won't have to run stupid "The More You Know" stories about the bowl game a full six weeks before the actual contest.

Good move Big Ten, you are a hope to men with old balls give me my fucking TV coverage back you greedy bastards!

*I can't believe I am even mentioning Illinois as anything but a crap team. More on this in the offseason, but I'm not convinced that Illinois is for real. I will be called a hater, and they did beat the current #1 team in the nation, but I really think they had a Rutgers 2006 type year. They did lose to Iowa, after all, and if it wasn't for Morelli's endless fourth quarter turnovers and a bad call against OSU they could very well be 7-5.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rumors Rankings!

Not sure how true any of this shit is, but I've decided to start a new segment here, the Rumor Ratings. Now it's often hard to to tell the message board nonsense from the poster, going by 'statecollegeshoker345', who works with a guy who's dad talked to the AD this morning. So based on my wide range of sources, I'm going to go ahead and give you a truth rating, out of 5, because things rated out of 5 tend to have more credibility. It is based on nothing substantial and can change from hour to Rumors themselves.

Rumor#1 - "Yardsale!"

The defensive coaching staff is in serious shuffle, and not the CUSA prospect shuffle we do every year. Heard this over at RUTS. Now we all know about the exit of Norwood, for, of all places, frickin' Baylor. He was replaced internally by a muppit.

The one thing lending credibility to this theory is, well just Norwood really. I don't know what sparked this but RUTS seams to often get decent scoops. My problem, though, is his plea for emails from anyone with an interenet connection. I've been to enough message boards to know that taking inside information from ananomous sources is typically not a good idea. However, it does seem to couple nicly with the JayPa story, but then again not with Bradley taking over during JoePa's rehab.

Overall, interesting, possible, but until another coach leaves I'm keeping this one below a two:

Rumors Rankings! Score = 1.5/5.0

Rumor #2 - "Beaver Killers!"

Word is we may be dropping Arkansas State, due up during the pre-conference schedule next season, for a one game stint with the Oregon State Beavers. Because our program is rich, storied and actually followed, and theirs is poor, weak, and silly, there will be, acording to the Rumor, not return trip for the Lions.

Credible? Well, I've heard it here, here, and here. The second link suggests it is because we are making a "title run". No offense to the writer of that baby, but I think we all learned our lesson this season: play a bunch of shit teams, win and you are in the MNC no questions asked (right Ohio State?). The truth is your preseaon ranking matters a lot more than your SOS.

Still, PSU's non-conf is terrible next year, and the in-conf home schedule is only a little better. I think this move makes sense: BCS program, drop a D1-aa team which hurts your computer rankings badly, make the season ticket holders happy, oh, and you don't even have to return the favor. By all acounts this thing is all but a done deal.

Rumors Rankings! Score = 4.9/5.0

Rumor #2 - "Kinlaw is back!"

Or at least he wants a 6th year. I mean if Bockman can play at OSU for 9 years I don't know why Kinlaw, who saw almost no action until this year, couldn't work something out because of his injury history. This is an uncommon move at PSU, especially for starters, and the Rumor has claimed that those who know about these things give it a 50/50 chance.

Now we already have Royster, who is going to be a very good Penn Statesk back. Kinlaw would be a great second option. With the two highly ranked RB recruits we have on the way, it would be great to keep a mentor and modivated player like Kinlaw around.

Now the problem is these things need to be approved, and so while I'm sure he applied, his return is, well, 50/50...lets split the difference.

Rumors Rankings! Score = 2.5/5.0

They are WAY bigger idoits than I thought

This is an update from my "Friday News" post. I hate to talk about something this stupid when football season isn't even technically over yet, but these morons leave me no choice.

I just wrote this long drawn out rant about the story but I'm going to leave it out. The problem is, the quotes from this kid are so unbelievable there is really nothing to add....after I wrote my bit I found this on CollegeOTR, which pretty much sums up what I was saying anyway:

Remember last year at the Blue and White game when we spelled out VT in honor of the shooting victims at Virginia Tech? Or all the Virginia Tech t-shirts everyone was wearing? Or the Penn State shirts in maroon and orange? Or the $110,000 Family Clothesline donated from the sale of those shirts? Well it all was just ruined, cause some people dressed like a "Virginia Tech Shooting Victims" on Halloween. People, if it's on Facebook, someone will find it.

And, so, prepare yourself for the really can't make this stuff up. Some of the highlights this brain child told reporters over the past couple days:

It was about a high school vendetta between two girls, and one girl finally found a way to get back at the other.

Really, a 'vendetta'? You don't think the fact that you reminded dozens of parents that their kids were brutally killed less than a year ago had anything to do with it?

This is a group of college students who now think it's trendy to be upset about their friends being killed

Trendy? Are you fucking high? I'm not even getting into this one, its too easy/enraging.

It's not that it was funny, it's that we are notorious and infamous in the state college, so we have to do things that push the envelope just for shock value.

Um, ok, you are infamous in State College, a college town with 44,000 students, yet:

It was only meant for the six people that were at the party.

There were six people at your Halloween party? Six fucking people? And, if it was only meant for six people, why the hell did you post pictures of it on the largest social networking site in the history of the human race?

From the Collegian:
Jones said he was "misled" by his interviewer, Lindsey Henley, and that it was never clear the interview would enter public airwaves.

Um, when a reporter asks you a question, they tend to put it on the airwaves, it's kind of their job you fucking moron.

Now for those who might have a mustard seed of a doubt about this fucking loser, that maybe it's not as bad as it sounds, listen to the entire interview, it takes about 20 seconds to realize you couldn't make this kids sound worse if you tried.

Thank you for accelerating the destruction of my brain I'm going to go burn myself with cigarettes until I forget now I've run out of words for stupid, this has never happened to me before.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Legend of Link

I've been meaning to do one of these from time to time but never really got around to it. So here are some links I think you shouldn't die without seeing (or, alternatively, to kill time instead of actually working).

-Mom, meet my new roommate Brittany Spears

-This isn't a link, but a video, and this week it is my favorite sports moment of all time...and it didn't even happen on this continent.

-I'm not the only one who hates the Outback Bowl.

-Um, shoot a baseball at my nuts? No. But this guy? Sure.

Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Your Friday Noon News

Some actual news happened over the past couple of days, and while I often leave actual news stories off this site because there are a million other places to read about them, I thought today would be a good time for a wrap of the hot stories.

-The Penn State safeties coach, Brian Norwood, is headed to Baylor as the DC. I am happy for him, and while several people are worried about the potential hit to recruiting, I am more worried about why in the world Brian thinks it's a good idea to join the staff of a place that has become a coaching death sentence.

-This is 'almost news', but because of how I found out about it I want to pass it along. I travel for work, this week I am near Blacksburg, home of the Hokies. So after a very commendable display of support at the blue and white game, some fucknuts decided to ruin it for all of us.

On the local Blacksburg radio this morning, I hear about how some Penn State douche bags students thought it would be a sweet idea to take the shirts they wore to the B&W Game, paint them with blood, and then wear them as a Halloween costume. Then, of course, as all idiots seem to do these days, they posted pictures on the Internet.

There really aren't words to describe how angry this makes me. If those involved are reading this, just know that you are an embarrassment to your family, your school, and your entire species. I hate you.

-Moving on to other embarrassing news, Baker had his felony charges dropped. Now I agree that the felony charge was a total trump up on the part of the loser Bellefonte DA, but it doesn't change the fact that, after being warned over and over again, this kid went out and did something stuid.

And so, to end on a high note, I am extremely proud that another Penn State player has taken home the The Bednarik Award. This is the third straight year.

That player involved is, of course, Dan Conner.

Great job, my friend. Sean, you have big shoes to fill, and just as importantly, a duty to keep the streak alive.

A free opinion is worth every penny...

If you read enough on any sports related "news" site you will eventually hate them, its science and can't be refuted. I never had a problem with, that is until the day they decided it would be a good idea to let a ferrit with rabies "Ranke" the bowl games this year.

The criteria?

"In our quest to help you manage your time during this hectic holiday season, here are our rankings of the "attractiveness" of the bowl matchups."

Our matchup came in #20, right behind the highly touted Bowling Green-Tusla slugfest. This was their rational:
"Hey, we can't wait to see how the Aggies play for Gary Darnell. And we're looking forward to the news conferences with Joe Paterno now that his salary is public record."

You can bash these lists all day, but the thing is I don't even know where to start. Its not so much that I think the PSU-A&M game is going to be a classic, I know it's not, but I don't know what the hell the guys is getting at.

Paterno had a press conference after the salaries were release (though not because they were released) in which he was questioned and commented:
"I'm paid well. I'm not overpaid. I have all that I need."

And then we all moved on. What in the world does this have to do with the bowl game? With the seniors on either team? With the offensive styles and defensive matchups? I don't know either, but I guess that's why this guy is writing the free stories on a paid subscription site (compared to a guy who writes free nonsense on a ill-read blog).

Thursday, December 6, 2007

At least we're not these guys.

After yesterday's story about Meyer's players getting arrested for stealing a bag of chips and assaulting a man with a sandwich, something a little more relevant has occurred: two A&M players have been arrested for some pretty serious stuff. The non-existent coaching staff has suspended both of them.

The More You Know, Thursday Edition

The More You Know, Part I
The More You Know, Part II

Were you aware? That Texas A&M is the third wheel in their conference too? A&M always makes a big deal out of playing the Sooners and Longhorns during the regular season dispite the fact neither one would pick A&M as the first girl to go to the dance. Sound familiar?

(You know, to take a step back from the sarcastic informational tone for a second...I started this stupid 'The More You Know' bit because there just isn't that much to write about during the limbo period, but the more I look into this thing the more I realize that A&M truly is the Penn State of the Big XII, but, of course, with more guns and less hills.)

Want more proof A&M is the third wheel? Check this out. That's right, again, like Dear Old State, A&M has averaged the third best recruiting class over the past couple of years.

Texas A&M, just like Penn State since 1876, only more inbred.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Taking a hint.

After reading this story about Jimbo Fisher being all but officially named Bowden's successor at Florida State, I have to wonder why we don't hear anything about Penn State setting this up.

It has it's obvious upside. A decent guy in the hole would be a confident message to recruits what kind of system (probably the same) they would be playing in were Paterno to either die on the field, or simply retire.

Then again, there are downsides as well. What if someone really appealing becomes available at the handoff moment? You are stuck with an internal guy for at least 3-5 seasons, with the same attitude you've had for 40 years, instead of the chance to pump some new life into the program.

Now this is leading down a dangerous road but I'm going to go there anyway: I really do think JoePa want Jay to take over. The school had publicly said that they don't have the money (ya right) to go out and get a big name coach. They are not going to grab a Tressel, Ferentz or Saben when Joe leave. The release of JoePa's salary is further proof of this. While he's pulling in $500,000 as the most storied coach in college football, the rest of the 119 guys are pulling in over $1 million each, according to USAToday.

So then why not just go ahead and name LJ Sr. or Bradley as the backup? Bradley even took over when Joe was in the booth. Well, maybe the administration Joe doesn't want him as a successor. They could go ahead and name JayPa the guy, but then someone is going to have to pay for a new stadium after the student body decides to burn it down during the ensuing riot.

It's a sad story but I guess someone has to tell it.

The More You Know, Part II

"The More You Know" is an almost daily antidote for all Penn State faithful regarding their upcoming bout with the the Texas A&M Aggies. As Confucius says, "In order to kill you enemies, you must learn to love them"...or something like that.

We are all well aware that Penn State, originally titled the Farmers' High School of Pennsylvania, was later renamed The Agricultural College of Pennsylvania around the same time the school became a Land Grant College. Well, I think we are going to have to add a couple more random pictures and maybe even a cannon or something to this piece of shit:

That's right, folks, A&M can join the party! They were also designated a Land Grant College in 1876. As far as I know, they are not required to play an artificial rivalry...sounds like a good deal to me.

And that's the more you know.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Have you Spit on a Pitt fan today?

So the courts didn't hold back, making an example out of the Pitt student involved in the famous 'incident' as well as the fraternity that hosted the party.

Richard Eisenberger Jr., a 20-year-old Pittsburgh University student from Bethlehem Township, pleaded guilty to harassment and disorderly conduct and paid $537 in fines and court fees to close the case, according to a clerk at District Judge Carmine Pretia's office in State College.

Um, $537 dollars for what was essentially assault? Underages are more than that, and despite this loser being under 21, no underage was administered. So thats why the drinking age is so damn high here. Now I'm not a proponent of punishing college kids for drinking, I think it's a joke, but I am a fan of this guy getting bitchslapped for the shame he brought to my school and so I am waiving some of my principles.

Oh, and the frat?

The fraternity that hosted the party, Pi Kappa Alpha, also was cited for disorderly conduct. The fraternity submitted its guilty plea and paid $327 in fines and court costs yesterday, according to the court clerk.

So between the whole brotherhood that's, what, like $1.45 a person? I think the beer that was thrown at the two OSU fans cost more than $327, but then again it was probably Natural Light and I don't think a frat could drink $327 dollars worth of that stuff in a semester.

Now I don't know where the frat stands with the school, I suppose the fact that they are paying fines means they are still an organization, which is unfortunate. You know I don't mean to rag on an entire group because of a few douche bags (hu-hem!):

If you can't go to college, go to Pitt...or pretend to be a PSU fan?

But if the school has given up on 'calming the crowds', well just admit it. You know I don't even care, I have a damn good time when I go up for games. I am not a big fan of the law, especially the ones that are in charge in State College, but, again, douche bags need to be conditioned and making them ask their parents for an extra $327 this week isn't going to change anything.

High horsed rant is now over, now back to your regularly scheduled program.

The More You Know, Part I

"The More You Know" is an almost daily antidote for all Penn State faithful regarding their upcoming bout with the the Texas A&M Aggies. As Confucius says, "In order to kill you enemies, you must learn to love them"...or something like that.

Did you know? That Texas A&M was formally known as the "Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas"*. Opened in 1876, it was originally designed to be a part of the then-in-progress University of Texas. Ah! But not so fast my friend!

(Corso drops an F-bomb)

The Texas legislature soon redacted their intention, officially declaring A&M an independent school shortly after World War II.

"Texas A&M, just like Penn State since 1876, except flatter"

*Penn State was once named the "Agricultural College of Pennsylvania" see, we were a match made in Heaven!

Bobby Bowden is smoking his player's crack.

His son, too.

I suggest a call to:

Not sure why I was interested to see the Coach's final votes but I checked anyway. I looked over and over again at how Bobby ranked the three top Big XII members thinking I was too drunk to here it is:

5 - Missu
6 - Kansas
7 - OU

WTF? how do you put the Big 12 champ behind TWO members of their own conference?

Oh, and his son?

6 - Missu
7 - Kansas
10 - OU

What I don't get is that they know these things are public, and Stoops doesn't seem like the kind of guy you want to piss off.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Agriculture and Mining

Could be worse, I suppose, although I'm still kind of wishing next year would just start already, I'm over Morelli to be totally honest.

A&M finished 7-5 in the Big XII. They finished fourth in their six team division...I'm not really sure what that means but it sounds crappy. Their losses:

Miami on the road, 34-14
Texas Tech on the road, 35-7
Kansas at home, 19-7
Oklahoma on the road, 42-14
Missouri on the road, 40-26

Their best win was at home against Texas.

There will be plenty of time for analysis, but for a team that I know little about they appear to suck. Ya Texas is a decent win but it was at the end of the year and I doubt it meant much to the longhorns. There is also no excuse for losing to Miami this year. They were also totally dominated by the two best teams in their league.

Everyone enjoy the OSU-LSU shameless self promotion over the next month, also the occasional Bulldog-bitching about how they started the week #4 and somehow ended up #5 after the two top teams lost. Fuzzy math to say the least.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Morning Thoughts

So the BCS final standing are out this afternoon, and while I usually don't mind waiting until Monday morning to laugh at what all the sportswriters try to make out of the season, this week obviously counts for something.

Two top-two losses means Ohio State is in, and I think this is a dangerous precedent, one that will continue the trend of crappy out of conference games. Why play anyone when you could lose? Sure LSU is going to get into the Mythical National Championship game, and despite what the 'experts' say its not because of's because all those morons picked LSU there in the first place and now they can sleep at night. LSU has been in the forefront of this discussion all year, even after their second loss. People just don't want to accept that they aren't the best team in the nation.

Now I'm not saying they aren't, just that the reason they are getting in has a lot more to do with the preseason polls than with SOS. I may be wrong in just a couple of hours but there is no way we are watching anything but an OSU-LSU MNC Game.

Finally, I was reminded to refrain from "drinking and thinking" yesterday after my 10th beer of the afternoon. I thought I saw something along the ESPN bottom line saying that Nebraska was going to the Alamo bowl...the way those things work I rarely read an entire sentense as my attention isn't usually drawn until the end of the bit, but naturally I grabbed by buddies laptop and looked it up.

Ya, this dumb.

I found this link, and so without think or checking any other sure, I called everyone I knew and drunkenly explained how excited I was for the "Lost Powerhouse Bowl". I was actually pretty excited. I forgot a couple of things: this for starters. Nebraska isn't even bowl eligable, so for them to be selected over 8-4 Texas Tech or 7-5 Texas A&M would be, well, difficult. That is, unless the Alamo Bowl selection committe was a drunk as I was around 4:00 pm yesterday.

Anyway, now that Michigan is a lock for the Cap One against a likely Florida, and the Zookers are probably playing USC in Southern California, we can all rest assured that, even if OSU manages to beat a much more talented LSU in the MNC Game, the Big Ten Sucks chants aren't going away anytime soon.