Friday, December 28, 2007

The Peoples Hero

Morelli is catching a lot of slack this week. While the majority of the comments fall into the "thank god the era is over" bucket, there are also a rising number of fans, and reporters, who are upset by this. I don't really care.

Should he have shown up? Yes. Do I care that he didn't? No. I wasn't going to read what he had to say anyway. Do I think it's a joke that the reports thought it appropriate to ask Galen Hall as well as several of the players "where is Anthony Morelli?" No, I don't. Those kids are giving you their time to talk about the game and themselves, don't try to drag them into your mud slinging piece.

Now I'm not here to defend Morelli, he has done so many things that simply piss me off (see: yelling back at Michigan fans, giving lip to defensive coaches, etc.). After the Illinois game debacle he became an average quarterback. No more, no less. He limited the bonehead plays and made a couple decent passes. He was suppose to be great, but we all should have realized after last season that he was never destine to turn that corner. Maybe this is part our fault for expecting too much, and I know part of the blame is on the coaches for putting all their stock in this kid, but I'm going to watch the Bowl Game and be done with it. He is a kid, he is graduating, and I'm excited to see the Blue and White game.

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