Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Taking a hint.

After reading this story about Jimbo Fisher being all but officially named Bowden's successor at Florida State, I have to wonder why we don't hear anything about Penn State setting this up.

It has it's obvious upside. A decent guy in the hole would be a confident message to recruits what kind of system (probably the same) they would be playing in were Paterno to either die on the field, or simply retire.

Then again, there are downsides as well. What if someone really appealing becomes available at the handoff moment? You are stuck with an internal guy for at least 3-5 seasons, with the same attitude you've had for 40 years, instead of the chance to pump some new life into the program.

Now this is leading down a dangerous road but I'm going to go there anyway: I really do think JoePa want Jay to take over. The school had publicly said that they don't have the money (ya right) to go out and get a big name coach. They are not going to grab a Tressel, Ferentz or Saben when Joe leave. The release of JoePa's salary is further proof of this. While he's pulling in $500,000 as the most storied coach in college football, the rest of the 119 guys are pulling in over $1 million each, according to USAToday.

So then why not just go ahead and name LJ Sr. or Bradley as the backup? Bradley even took over when Joe was in the booth. Well, maybe the administration Joe doesn't want him as a successor. They could go ahead and name JayPa the guy, but then someone is going to have to pay for a new stadium after the student body decides to burn it down during the ensuing riot.

It's a sad story but I guess someone has to tell it.

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