Monday, January 28, 2008

Down 2-0...Game Must Be Over

I know Claxton is out for the season, and as the then second leading scorer in the Big Ten, this was a devastating blow, but come on. You guys were playing Iowa. Iowa! They were 2-5 in the Big Ten leading up to this game and very beatable. So instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to end a long and painful losing streak, Penn State lays a total egg.

18:09 left in 1st half: losing 0-5
10:21 left in 1st half: losing 2-13
05:07 left in 1st half: losing 9-26
18:05 left in 2st half: losing 21-32
06:27 left in 2st half: losing 37-51
00:00 left in 2st half: losing 49-64

Two points in the first 10 minutes? You guys might not have all been five star recruits, but you were good enough in high school to earn a full scholarship at a Big Ten school, and two points in ten minutes means you just don't give a shit. Iowa isn't that good.

Not that I didn't know this team was done trying. I figured that out when I read this over at BSD:

"At one point they zoomed in on Cornley's shoe where he had written "Geezy #5" on them as a tribute to Geary Claxton. Hey Mel, he's not dead you know. He's sitting right there on the bench. I saw him."
Mike lays it out perfectly there (which isn't a surprise). Injuries happen, ya it's sad but it doesn't mean you have to give up against Iowa after they pull ahead 2-zip.

There are a lot of things wrong with the program: the coach, the venue, the alum ticket policy, recruiting, the fact football casts a large shadow, I can go all day...but the reality is nothing will change until the players and coaches start dealing with a little adversity.


Oops Pow Surprise said...

don't get so down on them. lots of teams start games out losing 21-5.


Oops Pow Surprise said...

and by that I mean losing 21-5 to Iowa.

Your team was dogshit terrible last weekend, man. Fucking miserable.

Paterno Lives! said...

oh, its on like fucking donkey kong...

shit, i have nothing to say.

i would defend our team but i heard they disbanded yesterday, after losing to f'n iowa*.

*iowa really isn't that bad**, i suppose you guys have turned it around, congrats on having a team worth watching

**another side comment***, bad means so many different things, iowa often fields a team that doesn't suck, which must be nice, because PSU always does. when we are calling our team 'bad', we mean they are really fucking bad because otherwise we would just say "they are playing like they always have", which is, by most standards, very shitty.

***am i even allowed to do these in a comment section?