Thursday, January 31, 2008

ESPN Recruiting Update: Part II.5

Welcome to Part II

I promised this post in Part I. But was then distracted by Part Old Man, so here is Part II. I think I have to offically refer to this as Part III, although techniqually its "Part 2.5", the problem is I don't know the Romen Numeral for one half, so "III" will have to suffice. Regarding this.

Purdue: "Purdue has been consistent but has failed to rise as a serious threat for the Big Ten title and crack the inner circle of dominant teams that Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State have formed...Under Tiller the Boilermakers have been unable to land an ESPN 150 prospect and likely will not by signing day this year either."

Big 11th Says...I kind of regret doing this thing now. You forget how many mediocre teams there are in the Big Ten until you start going through them. No gamebreaks are in this class, sorry. Also, Penn State is still part of the "Circle of Dominate Teams". Cool, I think.

Michigan State: "This Michigan State class is heavy with in-state prospects as 12 commitments hail from Michigan. The Spartans have shown an effort to recruit their own turf hard...another interesting aspect of this class is no junior college additions...His current class does not compare to in-state rivals Michigan or with Big Ten power Ohio State but does have some positives."

Big 11th Says...So MSU is landing some instate recruits, something usually only Michigan does. Maybe this has something to do with Michigan taking over Pennsylvania. Maybe, I don't know.

Northwestern: "Northwestern, long regarded as the most 'academic' of the Big Ten institutions, has decided not to recruit this season...Long road trips in prior years, according to most recruiting and financial experts, have not been worth the gas money."

Big 11th Says... Ok, I made that up, sorry. What he really said was "Much like their season, the Wildcats will very likely finish near the bottom in the conference recruiting rankings." So, quickly, think about everything thats happened to our basketball team over the last five games. Northwestern recruiting is kind of like that.

Indiana: "The Hoosiers struggled some to defend the pass in 2007 and have not done much to address that with the 2008 class..."

Big 11th Says...See Purdue, and photo under post header.

Minnesota: "Lauded for his recruiting abilities, [Tim Brewster] has worked hard to not disappoint, planting roots in Minnesota and going nationwide looking for talent. Minnesota has landed at least one verbal from prep prospects in 11 states outside of Minnesota, spanning from California to Florida....On the prep front, [they land] a pair of defensive tackle pledges ready to help a run defense that ranked 114th."

Big 11th Says... Thank god I got through this thing. Minnesota is a hell of a school to end on since, you know, they lost to North Dakota State, which can't be good for recruiting. Brewster tricked a couple people to play football for him. I wish them all luck.

In conclusion, doing a wrap up of all the Big Ten teams is just not worth it.

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