Friday, January 25, 2008

Quck Hitter: Timmons, Baker, Bowman & Basketball

Timmons, Baker, and Bowman are off the team. Some are saying they might return, but only because no one has specifically said otherwise. This whole thing has been a long and drawn out story, there were two very embarrassing incidents and about 15 "breaking news" stories on the MSM sites. Hopefully this one will be the last. Everyone needs to grow the fuck up.

Moving on...

I was sitting on a couch one December and turned on the Penn State-Northwestern basketball game. Here is the situation:

The first half is coming to a close, I cannot remember the score but it was close in a very non-competitive way. Northwestern is bringing the ball up the court, attempting to get one final shot off before intermission. The unathletic guard attempts to pass the ball down low but fails. The ball misses the intended target completely and flies out of bounds. The announcers are handed a piece of paper from the stat guy and proclaim: This game has now tied the Big Ten record for most turnovers in a half.

If you thought the story was over there, you were wrong. There are 5 seconds remaining and Penn State has an inbound below their own basket. The play is a Hail Mary to the other side of the court. With no one guarding the inbounder, the Penn State player throws the ball 6 rows deep in the stands, near midcourt. It never even bounced in bounds. No time had run off the clock. I was dumbfounded. Not even in my 5th grade rec league games did I ever witness such horrible basketball.

This, my friends, catapulted this game into sole posession of the record, it would stand alone for most turnovers in one half...and what a way to seal the deal.

Anyway, that was the worst basketball game, to this day, I have ever watched. Tomorrow night's game might be worse.

Update: I'll admit this post kind of sucks, but you have to admit I was right. That Iowa game was dogshit.

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