Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mallett's dad is back!

In 5 short hours Mallett's dad has gone from denying the whole thing to these seemingly well thought out and developed plans:

The former Texas Class 4A offensive player of the year may end up at Tennessee, which is considering hiring former Michigan offensive coordinator Mike DeBord and quarterbacks coach Scott Loeffler.

"If they're hired, that would be a real good possibility," Jim Mallett said. "Ryan really clicked with both coach DeBord and coach Loeffler during the last couple months of the season and during bowl practices, I've never seen Ryan throw the ball or read defenses as well as he did."

Mallett said his son also will consider transferring to Texas A&M, Arkansas and UCLA among other schools.

"It just wasn't a fit and yet, it was a hard decision," Jim Mallett said. "When he came home for Christmas, he told me and my wife that he really was falling in love with being at Michigan.
This is a far cry from what was on the newswire this morning:
When told what Rodriguez said, Jim Mallett insisted his son has not made a decision. "Coach knows more than I do, I guess," Jim Mallett told the AP.

Here is my thing, I really don't mind if you don't want to tell us the details and up to the minute developments of your son's quest to not ride the bench. I'm ok with you telling reporters to stop calling you, and even using profanity to make your point. But why, Jim, why start making shit up? Telling us there has not yet been a decision? You son is not RichRod Gimmick offense material, you know how obvious that is?

Ya, that obvious.

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