Friday, January 4, 2008

LSU has won the National Championship, I think.

That's right, I know the actual game isn't until Monday, but honestly it doesn't matter...or so everyone seems to be saying*. The SEC is 6-2 in bowls, while the Big Ten is a lowly 3-4.

Nevermind that the SEC was favored in 75% of their matchps while the Big Ten drew a tougher lot; they were dogs in 71% of their games. Nevermind that the hottest team in the SEC played a WAC school, or that Kentucky played a Florida State team that was down 35 guys, or that the SEC runner-up was matched up against the 5th best Big Ten team. Nevermind that MSU, who finished 9th in the Big Ten, was lucky enough to play the ACC runner-up. Or that Penn State, Illinois and Michigan played what equate to away games. These things don't matter, what matters is the raw record, and that is why LSU has won is going to win the Mythical National Championship.

It'll be ok guys.

Oh, and Ohio State is 0-8 against SEC teams in bowl games. That's trouble right there. This stat is relevant, seriously. And USC wins Rose Bowls because Pete Carroll has never lost a swimming race against Will Ferrell. It's science.

Ok, enough sarcasm. If there is one thing we know about this season, and, really there is only one, it's that you cannot compare teams to the second degree. App State beat Michigan, Michigan beat Florida. Stanford beat USC, then Notre Dame took down Stanford. Pitt beats WVU, then WVU goes out and owns Big XII champ OU. I can go all day. I know for a fact that the outcome of the Purdue-Central Michigan game has absolutely no impact or relation to the Mythical National Championship game.

*To be totally honest, this guy actually gets it. The shame is that ESPN has to sell his story by trying to start another played out Big10-SEC fight (or maybe it was his idea, who knows).

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Enough sarcasm?

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