Monday, January 21, 2008

Former Penn State Player NFL Hero

Former Penn State DT Jay Alford was the hero last night, laying down a beautiful game winning long snap in overtime to seal the deal against the Packers. With his hands numb from three and a half sub-zero hours of football, Alford was called on by his team and came through like the champion he is. This has confirmed previous claims by NFL experts that he is the greatest third round pick since the merger.

New York Giants' Hero Jay Alford wearing his two favorite watches

Jay Alford and the New York Giants will face off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.


10/25/08 said...

Is he the same guy who screwed up on the last snap in regulation?????

Anonymous said...

why do the giants have a DT long-snapping?!

the one knock i remember on JA was that he was undersized, now he's a center?

Paterno Lives! said...


even joe montana through a couple interceptions.


does seems strange, but LS is a different thing than playing center. he does get on the field as a DT as well.

Anonymous said...

Yep, he did screw up the last snap in regulation, but I'm a Giant fan and I'll forgive him since we won!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm jay alford's cousin. From my cousin jamal! I'm so cool! call my dad jay! But i'm a cowboys fan! go dallas! It is okay Romo! Get back in game!