Monday, January 28, 2008

Target 10?

What the hell is this? No, not the part about Erin Andrews showing up in Happy Valley tomorrow night, something else.

There were two very worthy pictures of Erin, and posting this one was the hardest decision I've made all day

Ah, fuck it.

What the hell was I posting about? Oh ya, Target 10. First of all, this name is terrible. I can't wait to see it printed on thousands of t-shirts with some kind of crappy target on the front.

So, the low down:
Brent Musburger, Steve Lavin and Erin Andrews will be in the Jordan Center for the "Super Tuesday" game that is part of ESPN's "Student Spirit Week." Penn State has issued the "Target 10" challenge asking 10,000 students to pack the arena for the game. If the goal is met, all student ticket sales for Penn State's match-up with No. 10 Michigan State on Saturday will be donated to THON 2008.
So let me get this straight: they are still letting Brent Musburger call games with Erin Andrews? No, sorry, I'm getting off topic again.
In December, Nittany Lion basketball announced the "Target Ten" challenge, a partnership between Penn State Basketball and The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON) 2008, that encompasses the Ohio State game on January 29th and Michigan State game, set for February 2nd. Penn State is calling for an unprecedented 10,000 students to pack the Bryce Jordan Center for the nationally televised January 29th showdown with the Buckeyes on ESPN. If the goal of 10,000 student tickets sold is reached, then all proceeds from $5 student single game ticket sales for the following game vs. No. 10 Michigan State (Sat., Feb. 2) will be donated to benefit THON 2008

Penn State is asking students to "support THON" by showing up for the Ohio State game. If they make enough money by coning students into showing up for a horrible basketball game 10,000 people show up, Penn State will donate the ticket proceeds from the following game, against Michigan State.

The following game? Seriously? So you'll cash in on the 10,000+ students that show up for the Ohio State game, but then will totally shaft THON by giving them the proceeds from a game that will earn a small fraction of what you are making tomorrow? I'm no THON cavalier, but this doesn't really add up for me. It's not even the ticket proceeds from the MSU game, but just the $5 student ticket sales from that game.

Using THON to bolster profits? Nice guys. At least you are clever about this whole 'greedy bastard' thing, I have to give you that.

Update: In a move that reeks of desperation, the Big Ten Network (ya, I hate them too) has decided to purchase 1,000 tickets to help make the announced ticket sales number respectable. This thing is becoming laughable. (H/T: BSD, of course)


Paterno Lives! said...

This doesn't belong in the post because it's nitpicking and stupid, but the story quoted calls this thing both the "Target 10" and "Target Ten". Not a big deal but strange.

Also not a big deal but still strange, I've never heard the BJC referred to as the "Jordan Center".

PSU2002 said...

I have heard the THON people aren't really buying in.

JP said...

who got more people to come watch your jv team play? erin andrews or target 10?

Paterno Lives! said...

I think you know the answer to that.

She also raised more money for cancer than target 10 when she allegedly dropped $5 in a sorority girl's THON bucket on the way out.