Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ESPN's Recruiting Update, Part I

Why is FSU not suing ESPN for using their logo?

ESPN sent one of their child stalkers out to grade the Big Ten recruiting classes. I'm doing this is pieces because all this work warrants more than one post. Eleven quotes and one liners, First half:

Ohio State: "The Buckeyes currently have 18 total prospects heading into signing day with close to half claiming spots in the ESPN 150....Arguably one the better offensive lines assembled in the Class of 2008 and maybe in the past few years."

Big 11th Says... Nothing sucks worse than seeing Ohio State rack up damn near USC type talent, but now that they've been doing this for several years I'm getting used to it. The offense line thing scares me, though.

Illinois: "Not an overly flashy class with just one ESPN 150 member....The skill positions were emphasized in this class after last year saw a focus on the offensive and defensive lines."

Big 11th Says...If you want proof that the football world is upside down and that Paterno is no longer effective on the trail, look at how far ahead Illinois is landing talented players.

Michigan: "Lloyd Carr certainly established a top-15 class before announcing his retirement, but the big question for Wolverine fans is whether recently hired Rich Rodriguez can add some weapons before signing day to fit his explosive spread offense run at West Virginia...Pryor...Pryor...Pryor...Pryor..."

Big 11th Says...Pryor...Pryor...Pryor...Pryor...Pryor...Pryor.

Wisconsin: "Much of last fall's struggles stemmed from a disappointing defense that led the Big Ten in 2006; four top-25 positional prospects should help...[qb recruit's] dual-threat abilities could open things up a bit more in Madison with [recruit] at the helm."

Big 11th Says...Wiscy never seems to make much noise, but everything seems to turn out fine. The opposite of PSU, really. They were vastly over-rated during the 2007 preseason, but did establish themselves as a respectable program and seem to be upping the talent level there.

Iowa: "As long as Kirk Ferentz is at the helm, Iowa should continue to bring in good prospects that my lack the ideal measureable that garner elite status but fit his system well...[also arriving is the] son of Kirk and a good player in his own right."

Big 11th Says... Iowa bringing in undersized players is not news. Also, in case you wanted to know, this is what little Ferentz looks like.

Second half, including Penn State, later today.

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