Thursday, January 3, 2008

Further BCS Game thoughts...

So the blowouts continue...the Bust Championship Series has brought us three games with a combined point total of 138 for the winners and 55 for the losers. Although to be fair, unlike the New Year's bowls, it was the underdog who did the bitchslapping yesterday. Some random thoughts about last nights game:

-Devine is fast, as hell.

-Are the OU Band hand gestures that exciting that i need to see them every 15 minutes?

-Speaking of pointless camera shots, isn't the point of the "sky cam" better views of the field, not better views of cameras? I think ESPN zoomed in on that thing thirty times.

-Stoops has gained weight, maybe it's the stress of having your passing game shut down by a team from the Big East, or maybe the 300+ rushing yards hit team gave up for the first time since 1990-somthing.

-There has been no team as hot/cold as WVU this year. They lose to Pitt but then totally redeem themselves by smacking around the #4 team in the nation.

-I don't care much for WVU, but I really like their interim coach. Is he even being considered for the job? WVU doesn't seem to be having any problems on the field and the players seem to really like the guy.

UPDATE: So 'that guy', who is actually named Bill Stewart, is the new head coach at WVU. You have to wonder if a quick hire after a teary bowl win is a smart move, but honestly who gives a damn. When the next best alternative is the alcoholic son of a cheating football coach who wears funny hats, well, then I like this guy too. (But seriously, I think everyone wins here.)

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