Friday, January 25, 2008

Recruiting Is Creepy: 2009

I've tried to explain that I don't like to follow recruiting. Besides the fact that most of these lists simply aren't right, there is also something very strange about learning the names of high school seniors all around the country.

It wasn't until EDSBS sucked me in with their Curiosity Index that I ended up at Rivals. They have some how ranked the Top 100 players of 2009. I didn't get into names here because, like the title of the post explains, that would be creepy. But I am obsessed with stats and so here are a few:

-USC has landed the #1 recruit in the nation who, as is often the case, is a quarterback from California.

-Of the 100 "Top" recruits, only 10 have made commitments. Of the 120 D1a programs, only 5 have received commitments. You probably guessed that Penn State is not one of these programs and you are right. By School: USC 5, Ohio State 2, Michigan 1, UCLA 1, Alabama 1.

-Of the 100 "Top" recruits, 4 are from PA. All appear to be considering PSU. None appear to be driving Corvettes.

So lets review. USC is owning shit, as usual. Ohio State and Michigan are getting big name recruits, as usual. My post lacks a proper conclusion, as usual. You didn't learn anything from this post, but thanks for reading it.

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