Monday, February 18, 2008

Mark May Is A Clown, Pryor Agrees

Mark May: Making Lou Holtz Sound Competent Since 2005

I think Mark May is a total douchbag. I know Mark May is a total douch bag, but now even 18 year old kids are figuring it out (from
"That day was tough because I was being criticized by everyone for not making up my mind and signing," [Pryor] said. "Mark May from ESPN is criticizing me on national television and he doesn't even know me. That kind of stuff really bothers me, when people who know nothing about me are talking about me like they know anything." [emphasis NOT added]

Um, Terrelle, you don't say it elegantly, but you sure do hit the nail on the head: "people who know nothing about [anything] are talking about [anything] like they know anything" pretty much sums up every single talking head at ESPN.

So let's see, Pryor puts off his signing day. May decided to engage in one of his random acts of richeousness. Said kid calls him out. Guess who looks like the asshole, Mark? You see what happens? You see what happens when you talk trash to the most heavily recruited kid in football history?

A google search for (and in quotes, meaning all words must be consecutive) "Mark May is an idiot" renders 517 results. I'm doing my part to make it 518.

In actual worthwhile news, Pryor confesses what everyone except the MGoBots already knew:
Pryor admits he was set to sign with Ohio State the day before Feb. 6, but a conversation with his father, Craig, made him think twice. His father wanted him to take another look at Penn State and take an official visit.

"I'm really interested," he said. "This isn't just being respectful of my father, this is thinking things through and making sure I have all the info I need before I make a big decision. I really like Coach Bradley at Penn State and they could end up being the right fit for me, I'm not sure."

You don't love JayPa? Sounds like your textbook case of Playstation bitterness.

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