Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's Like Waiting For Christmas, Only You Know There Probably Are No Presents

Two child stalkers make small talk at one of Pryor's basetball games

At 12:05 pm everyone will be forced to chill the fuck out. I'm pretty excited about a Pryorless blogosphere, I really am. As least until he, you know, plays football or whatever it is these recruits do.

One final question I want to ask and then I'm done until noon: Why is Penn State still on the list? Not one single 'insider' has predicted, or even suggests possible, a Pryor commit to Penn State. Mike Farrell, of Rivals, went as far as to say "He'd win an Academy Award if he chose Penn State on signing day."

I'm not suggesting anything here because, to be honest, I'm very confused.

Update: H/T to RUTS, but now it looks like Christmas is getting pushed back at least another week. Pryor has been to PSU but never did take his official visit. He apparently wants to do this, and possibly head to Oregon as well. Either way this is all very, very good news.

Let's Keep Updating: Shaw bailed on Penn State and went to Michigan, that hurts. Regarding Pryor, Oregon is out.

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