Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Random News You've Already Heard

10:33 Thoughts while I should be working:
-I had a feeling Pryor would push his anouncement back. From what I've gathered, Pryor had somewhat made up his mind, but his father might have talked him into reconsidering Penn State. He is headed for an official visit some time this weekend, maybe.
-Lynn has signed a letter, which is a big.
-Shaw may have decided to go to Michigan, but BSD has told us all that he has decided to push his anouncement back to 1 pm.

10:45 MGoBlog says both Shaw and his HS teamate Roy Roundtree are headed to Michigan. Roundtree is WR and had as of yesterday been a soft verbal to Purdon't. Roundtree did not have Penn State on his list, however I don't know if that was because Paterno didn't offer or the kid wasn't interested.

10:50 Rivals and MGoBlog have all redacted their statements about Shaw, they appear to have jumped the gun. Also, Pryor was creeped out by Michigan and their fan's are pretty defensive about it.

11:00 IF Shaw does jump, that means we don't currently have a four star player who is not a linebacker...although I have to wonder how Rivals can rate a player (Lynn) recruited by USC, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio State a three star.

11:31 I know this isn't really news, but this is about as embarrassing as it gets.

11:38 So I hear Pryor will be "fielding questions" at his Noon press conference. I would say "who this will be interesting" but I get the feeling whatever he says won't make any sense by Firday...

12:05 The whole thing was suppose to be over this very minute. Also, Shaw has set his press conference for 1:00 pm, he is either headed to Michigan with several of his teammates or signing with the Lions.

12:12 Just kidding! Pryor will visit Oregon, unless of course he doesn't. He also is going to pick between Ohio State and Michigan, according to the 'experts' on ESPNU (is this a contraction of terms?), because that makes for a better news story.

12:30 From what I understand: Pryor wanted to go to OSU, Dad wanted him to go to PSU. They decided to wait. He also actually said this: "Jay [Paterno] is a great guy." I think the jury is still out on JayPa (most don't), Morelli isn't a fair way to judege him in my opinion, but the fact that he even was mentioned is a good sign. The PlayStation thing must have worked.

12:56 In five minutes we will either have a four star running back or we won't.

1:19 Fucking Michigan...

Well, that was fun. Check out BSD for a good wrap up of who signed.

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psu2002 said...

if we lose shaw we are screwed.