Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goalie Fight!

Let's get one thing straight here: goalie slashes are dirty as fuck. No one likes them, they are cheap, pansy like and often brutal as a goalie twig carries about 4 times the mass of the regular player's tool. (I dick joke should probably go here).

However, part of what makes goalie slashes so dirty is the fact that goalies almost never back it up. If a defenseman wants to play that game, they are going to be dropping the gloves. But all too often a goalie pulls this crap and then watches his defensemen take five minute majors because someone has to answer for their nonsense.

If a goalie wants to back it up, that's an entirely different thing.

Enter Ron Hextall.

This is all in response to Nick's call out from yesterday, which is well taken. I was simply on a different wave length. When I thought of goalie fight, I immediately thought of the greatest hockey brawl of all time, that between the Red Wings and Avalanche during the 1997 season (for those of you impatient, skip to the 1:54 mark).


Nick said...

Excellent, I wasn't knocking you, just I think there was a law passed that if you mention goalie fight, Ron Hextall must also appear.

Nick said...

The same holds true for discussions of goalies that score goals as well.

Paterno Lives! said...

nick, i should be thanking you.

if you don't mention hextall, i dont search for the video, which means I would have gone my entire life without watching's simply brillient and I had no idea.

best part is probably the penguin running from ronnie.