Monday, February 25, 2008

Random Acts of Enforcement

Some Monday morning ranting for you...

Last week Duke somehow lost to Miami. I don't care much about college basketball teams that I haven't bet on, so I'm not going to take about the game, but I am going to talk about this:

My first reaction: What the fuck? There are literally hundreds of people storming the court and you choke slam one kid? Really?

I've had this reaction before. Flashback a couple seasons to PSU's defeat of OSU. I'd give you the year but there's only been one win in recent memory. Anyway the clock runs out, thousands of kids rush the field, the battle was lost yet a few douch bags brave officers decided to fight on, macing random kids for no apparent reason.

You know people can die from that shit, right? You also know that you macing 25 kids out of tens of thousands isn't actually stopping people from getting to the field?

If schools think rushing the playing area is dangerous or damaging, that is fine. But don't be dumbasses about it. Either get enough security to stop the fans in a safe way or don't. This one man choke slam stuff doesn't help anyone. Lose-Lose, Lose.


Big Bobby Bodis said...

I would just like to add that I was once of the youngsters maced after that game and it *ucking sucked like you can never believe.. I basically was sprayed..fell down.. and just thought.. move.. i got into the mass of people and ran like hell...i was blinded and ended up in some ohio state tailgate about a thirty minute walk north of the stadium.. it took me 2 hours to finally walk back down to campus.. random folks who were stuck in traffic were tossing me beers to quench the terrible drymouth the mace brings... it was my senior year.. well worth it..

Anonymous said...

Two well known (and I mean very well known) facts:

1) The large majority of all campus "cops" are basically incompetent boobs. Moreover, most of them truly believe they're cool as hell and derive great pleasure from pushing around "spoiled college kids".

2) Somehow, and I'm not exaggerating, State College police officers are even less competent than the average campus "cop". There are so many stories documenting this extreme incompetence that practically anyone who has ever lived in State College for more than a year or two has one. It genuinely amazes me that the residents of State College haven't yet banded together and demanded that something be done about this sorry situation.

Paterno Lives! said...

That's well said...although I'm going to add that the parking people there, considering the town is in the middle of no where, can go stright to hell....oh, Walk's too.