Monday, February 11, 2008

Beer Me The Office

Horey Proletariat!

I know this isn't sports related, but on a day of back to back angry posts it's time for some good news. The Writers Strike is over, I think. This means two things. One: this onslaught of horrible reality shows, which apparently was going to include an 'American Idol' knockoff about curling (seriously), will end. Two: The only show actually worth watching, 'The Office', will return.

Per ABC:
Good news for Dunder Mifflin fans: Michael Scott will resume mismanaging his troops in Scranton soon enough. The half-hour comedy is one of the easiest types of shows to get up and running in a short amount of time. "'The Office' you'll see back before the spring season," Szalai said. "I would assume that NBC could bring it back sometime in April, and they'll still have April and May to run new episodes."

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