Monday, February 11, 2008

Best State Ever!!11!!1!

You know what's really dumb? Trying to determine the best "In State Tandem" CFB teams. That's something you might be able to get away with in August when the football well is dryer than my mouth the morning after a night of hard liquor and bad decisions, but not 48 hours after Signing Day.

You know what's even more moronic? Using all time MNC's as the metric.

Have you ever been to this site? If not, you should, it's awesome. It explains how ND claims MNC's any time their team doesn't suck and that their status as a fan favorite skewed many year end polls. It's a lot harder to get away with this kind of thing now, but you would be surprised to hear how many schools have been hosed because of the ND bias.

However, not to be outdone, check out Bama's fetish for made up championships.

Penn State has been short changed many times, one such occasion inspired the name of one of my favorite blogs (I think?). However, I've yet to see a coffee mug or license plate cover that claims JoePa has multiple MNC's that he doesn't. The polls suck, I know, but they are the rules we play by. And until the Playoff Revolution we can't all run around pretending we won things we really didn't.

Getting back to the point, what the hell is the point? The state of Alabama has faked more MNC's than any other state? Is that what you are getting at? Also, if MNC's is the only metric you are using to claim who is the best 'Tandem', shouldn't both teams involved be required to win at least once? ND and Indiana(?!) can't qualify if Indiana sucks, sorry.

I'm just going to stop here.

Someone save me, I'm not ready for 8 months of this stuff.

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ha ha norte dame sucks