Friday, February 1, 2008

The Gop Goes Down

This is one of those things where you read the story and say to yourself, "well of course this happened." Mark "The Gop" Regopoulos, owner and operator of Gopper's Pizza, was busted for dealing marijuana.

On Aug. 31, the State College Police Department charged Regopoulos, three of his employees and two other people with selling marijuana from Gopper's Pizza.

Grottini, a Penn State graduate, was charged with four counts of delivery of marijuana and two counts of possession. He pleaded guilty to one count of felony delivery of marijuana and received three to 12 months in Centre County Prison.
Anyone who has ever ordered a late night drunken slice from The Gop isn't shocked. This of course means that I, along with the other 30,000 or so other people who have eaten there, are terrorists.

I'll still never forget the time I was trying to get a pie late one night. The place was packed, then some guy near the register started bitching about how his pizza was taking too long. Regopoulos spit right in the guys face.

Don't fuck with people who make your food.

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Anonymous said...

so what about the pizza? they still open?