Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paterno's Last Stand!

Talking about Paterno and Spanier's final dual is all the rage this morning. It all started yesterday after this story was put out by the Patriot News (HT: RUTS). BSD got over his cold and commented this morning.

Several of the 'general' blogs felt compelled to talk about it also. Here and here.

Basic consensus: Paterno's long held control of the program, and his job security, are fading faster than Clemen's credibility (zing!). Joe used to make his own rules; in part because he is Joe Paterno, but also because he is/was backed by several large and powerful donors. Spanier and his white collar army in Old Main were helpless to fight back against his tyranny. Based on the story from the Patriot, it appears Joe has lost support of these philanthropy giants, and with the power invested in Spanier via his new 5 year deal, there are many who think there is a new Most Powerful Man in State College.

This is all very dramatic but I'm not buying it yet.

Most of the made up comments sources from the Patriot News are described as, quote, "persons of influence". While they may very well be people in the know and with some kind of decision making clout, why are they speaking unanimously. These kinds of sources have the credibility of an anonymous message board poster and should be treated as such until someone wants to grow a pair and identify themselves before they talk shit about one of the greatest coaches of all time.

Said one "a trustee":

"But you also have to remember his ego is as big as New Jersey."

Are you serious? Trying to run a clean program. Living in a ranch house. Making $500,000 year despite being the most influential fundraiser in the nation. Donating $5 million back to his employer to build a library. Turning down a job with the NY Giants that would have made him the highest paid coach of the era. How do you get 'ego as big as New Jersey' out of this?

Said same "a trustee":
"Now, the question is, will Joe do the classy thing or will he fight it?"
Classy, my friend, would be not talking shit about a legend under an anonymous name through a local sports beat reporter. But thanks for playing, asshole.

I'm fully aware everything in this post is blue blood homerish, but I'm ok with that. Joe is old, he needs to retire, but this cowardly bullshit speak from "persons of influence" and "a trustee" needs to stop.

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