Monday, February 11, 2008

Bowden Sell Out, No One Is Surprised

All Time Wins Fraud Bobby Bowden Sleeping On The Job

Bobby Bowden. Joe Paterno. The "Record". Bowden is up one win with a huge fucking asterick next to his number.

Per Wiki:
However, 49 of Bowden's 373 coaching victories came against schools that are not currently in Division I-FBS[7], while only 5 of Paterno's victories came against non-Division I-FBS schools[8], so that Paterno has 368 wins against teams currently in Division I-FBS while Bowden has only 324. Following a 3-overtime victory over FSU in the 2006 Orange Bowl, Paterno has a 7-1 all-time record against Bowden (6-0 against Bowden's West Virginia teams and 1-1 against Bowden's Florida State teams).

So guess what the good 'ol southern boy is doing now that 20 to 30 of his players are ineligible for allowing a football coach to read them answers during a test? Ya, I bet you'd never guess...he's dropping ranked teams from his schedule and filling the spots with A-aa. TWO OF THEM!
But Bowden acknowledged that wasn't an option this season because of FSU's investigation into academic fraud, which will leave his team without several starters for the first three games of 2008.
"We had to give up a Monday night game, which I hated to give up because of the [lost] exposure," Bowden said this week. "But there's no way we would be ready to play a ranked team at that time."

Bobby, I just saw the movie "We Are Marshall", it pains me to say this but the film thing was a classy move, but this is busch league at it's finest. Dropping BCS teams because they are 'too hard'?!? Playing I-aa teams because you won't be "ready"?

You aren't an all woman's college any more, stop acting like one.

Weak move, Bobby. Weak.

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