Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fish And Sunshine Are Not The Same Thing

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are now the Tampa Bay Rays.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays officials announced Monday that the team will be shortening its name to the "Tampa Bay Rays," that their updated uniforms will feature a blue-and-white color scheme accented by orange rays of sunshine, and that they are now a minor-league hockey team in the Florida Panthers system.

Wait, that's the Onion, but seriously:
After months of speculation about coming changes, the Rays spilled the beans about the subtraction of "Devil" from the name, their new team colors -- navy blue and light blue -- and a new icon, a bright yellow sunburst invoking the magnificence of life in the Sunshine State.

"It feels like a fresh start," left fielder Carl Crawford said. "It's like that feeling of going to school on the first day. You get to wear the new uniforms. It feels good. You know what they say, 'You play like you feel.' We feel good, we look good, so hopefully, we'll play good."

Who says "You play like you feel"? I've never heard that before. If that's true, than anyone who has played on this franchise for more than a couple of years would have died of depression by now. Also, if you are going to get away from the fish reference of "Devil Rays" you should probably take that tail thing out of the "R". Finally, if you are now essentially a knockoff of the Suns, why are your colors blue and blue? Oh, and you play in a dome. Sun, Blue, Fish, Dome....I'm confused.

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