Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lesser Of Two Evils

Thanks to BHGP for informing me that there was a Penn State basketball game last night. I don't know if that's a sad commentary on my fandom or the state of the basketball team...either way it's kind of pathetic.

Anyway, Penn State won a close one...but no one cared. ESPN didn't bother to proof read the game re-cap:

Penn State led 31-30 at the half but trailed for much of the second period after the Hawkeyes went on an early 17-0 run to grab a 42-31 lead with 17:18 left. Dan Bohall made four straight free throws to give Iowa a 64-57 lead with 2:40 remaining.

I actually stopped listening after the 9-0 run to start the half, but I really regret turning off the feed because listening to how Iowa could go on a 17-0 run but only score 12 points would have been awesome.

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BSD said...

I think they are adding on the 5-0 run Iowa finished out the first half with to the 12-0 run to start the second half to come up with the 17-0 run. Still poorly worded.