Thursday, March 6, 2008

Vote For Your Favorite Creep

The UC Santa Cruz Fighting Banana Slug, Unfortunately Absent

EA Sports wants everyone to vote for their favorite mascot to determine who will be pictured on the cover of NCAA 2009 for the Wii gaming system.

-The Nittany Lion hasn't improved in the virtual world in over five years.

-I highly recommend checking out the Mountain West, if possible I would vote for the entire conference.

-Brutus is, of course, pictured in the likeness of a child molester (commentary on Tressel recruitment of Pryor? I think so!)

-The Mountaineer exists but has been deprived of his gun. He also looks like a German Soldier from World War I.

-There are four mascots who show skin, all of them are white. (Notre Dame and WVU are the only 'real life' mascots.)

-Illinois' mascot was forcefully retired by the NCAA and is of course absents. My understanding was that Florida State was allowed to continue to use the Seminole...however EA decided to remove him from contention.

-The Stanford Tree is also missing, although technically is it unofficial. Too bad, I'm sure it would have looked hilariously stupid.

-The Pitt Panther is either on E or in need of an exorcism.

Make sure to vote for the dumbest looking one. I recommend the Middle Tennessee Lightning.

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