Monday, March 10, 2008

BTN: Coming Soon To A Television Near You?

Depends on where you live. And what you define as 'soon'.

Sounds like a good start, however:

A signed deal could still be weeks, or even months, away, as lawyers from both sides hammer out the specifics. Snags still could develop, but sources are optimistic that a deal will get done....Comcast agreed to launch the conference network on expanded basic through most of the Big Ten Conference’s eight-state region, as much as 94 percent of it, according to one source.

The biggest problem here, for me anyway, is that there is no discussion of access to the Big Ten Network outside of the "Big Ten Footprint". I do not live in the footprint. Too bad, I guess. Horrey $5 Miller Lites downtown.

Also, for those of you who are not under the tyrannical rule of the shit-tastic, deceitful, commie loving, non-customer centered provider Comcast, no unsubstantiated rumors have been leaked:
While Comcast appears closer than ever to a deal with BTN, sources say Time Warner Cable, BTN’s other big cable holdout, is not close to a deal with the channel.

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