Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Your Friday Noon News!

I don't do much on this site to cover other sports, mostly because I don't have much access to them, but let's go a head and check in on the Penn State athletes that aren't getting pulled over drunk or stomping on people's faces, allegedly.

-Penn State Icers End Streak The Icers, who play at the club level despite drawing more fan fare than the basketball team, ended an era last weekend. The team went into the national tournament ranked #3 and carried in a streak of 11 straight championship game appearances. All that ended against Liberty with 4-1 upset.

-Wrestlers Ready For Big Ten Championship The #6 ranked wrestling team will be bringing an entire roster of ranked wrestlers into the Big Ten Tournament. Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois are doing the same. The Big Ten is totally loaded this year (well, every year) and the Nittany Lions have never won the thing. Make sure to check in with Nick Galen over at the Nittany Line who does a great job of covering the squad all year long.

-Worst Season Evvvaaa The Lady Lions basketball team ended the worst season in their history with a 64-54 loss to Michigan. The game caped a 12 game skid. Fittingly, they still managed to finish ahead of Northwestern in the standings.


Nick said...

Galen is your man for wrestling over at The Nittany Line, unless you want some 80's WWF action.

Paterno Lives! said...

missed that somehow

Nick said...

No worries, you probably saw my one article on wrestling, which of course was a masterpiece and made lasting impression