Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Legend of Link, No Theme This Time

How do you know it's the offseason? Well, fights, of course, and talk about Bill Cowher being the next Penn State coach. He also might coach the Browns*. Ya, definitely the offseason.

Ok, now on to the random and unrelated nonsense you would expect on March 4th.

I highly encourage everyone to take part in the "Name Of The Year" voting. I'm pulling for Johnny Moustache to take the prize, although as an 11 seed he's a long shot. Make sure to check out the potential upset of the week, Levi Licking, who is in a dead lock with a 2 seed. (Yes, all the names are real.)

Drunks typically don't give great advise, and neither does Kenny Rogers.

It's a big day at the primaries, and, of course, Ohio constituents have their minds on the right things.

Finally, it's important to note that nuts are in fact fruits, however are not draft eligible. For the record I thought Pineapple was a steal at #12.

* Worth pointing out here that the Plain Dealer, the news paper all these sites reference, decided to take down the story because.

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