Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baker Walks! Or Something Like That.

After 20 hours (?!) of deliberation, which has to be some kind of record, the Office of Judicial Affairs decided to clear Baker of any punishment. I've been trying hard not to follow this story so I don't know very many details, but I would have paid $5 (the same price someone would have to pay to watch this) to see the following play out:

"I just ... jumped up and down and was screaming. That felt real good," Baker said of his reaction to the verdict. "It's just one obstacle down, two more to go."

I'm not going to jump to conclusions here, but holy hell listen to this:
"I just explained how no one actually identified me as a participant in the fight. I just proved how people misidentified me, and there was no evidence to say I actually touched anyone," he said.

Nothing says "I did it" like using the defense "prove it was me! you can't! Muahahahah". I mean comeon.

Exhibit A from the hearing, notice that no positive identifications can me made, hoary "Innocent until proven guilty"!

In all seriousness, if they couldn't prove him guitly then I'm glad it turned out this way, but I doubt he's totally clean on this. I think in most houses this could have been resolved rather quickly with a slap to the back of the head and a comment that goes something like "well why the hell were you even there?"

He still faces criminal charges.

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