Monday, March 17, 2008

Keeping Up The Good Work

In another effort to prove to everyone that the media is full of shit, NFL Draft Scouts has released the top (well, 750) prospects for the 2009 NFL Draft (H/T Boiled Sports, no, I do not read this website).

Who's number one? You guessed it, the most over-rated linebacker of all time, James "Soft Up The Middle" Laurinaitis. He is one of four linebackers in the top ten. Sean Lee come in at #6 overall. The other two LBs up at the top are both from USC.

There are only six 'skill' players in the top 25, which seems odd. The first offensive player on the list is all the way down at #9, Purdue QB Curtis Painter. The next Penn State player after Lee is #54 Derrick Williams.

The two things that really jump out are the number of Big Ten players in the top 50, although half of them appear to be from Ohio State.

Ohio State5
Penn State1
Michigan State1

So not quite half, but that's still 10% of the top 50 on one team. LSU is also loaded on this list, which makes you wonder how much work they actually did. It's pretty easy to take the best players on the best teams and assume they are the better players. However, by most accounts OSU has a loaded roster so this might not be as much bullshit as I wish it was.

This is a terrible predictor and I'm not implying we make anything of it, but just the suggestion that we might have an OSU v LSU rematch makes me want to sick sharp objects into my eyes.

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