Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Big Beaver House Stadium, Biggest Evea!1!!1!!!

According the the Detroit News Press, the 'Big House' will have to relinquish their crown for a short time while they limbo between spending $2 million on wheelchair accessible seats and then another $226 million to boost their egos back up.

U-M will drop down to a capacity of 106,201 in 2008 season--below Penn State's 107,282.

But that won't be for long. U-M is in the midst of a $226 million renovation of the stadium that will widen aisles and seats and create a new press box, concourse, luxury boxes and indoor and outdoor club seats. The pricier luxury boxes and club seats will add about 5,000 spots, including about 135 wheelchair-accessible seats.

U-M should reclaim its title in 2010.

Nevermind that the whole thing is a fraud, anyway. My attempt to look the numbers up ended in failure, but Penn State fans are given a couple extra inches per a seat compared to Michigan fans...resulting in a reduced capacity. You would normally try to justify this by calling the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania fat, but then you would be making it obvious that you have never been to Michigan. Pot calling the kettle...yeah that whole thing.

UPDATE: I continued to look for 'iches per seat' but was only able to find this:
Q. Will Michigan Stadium still be the largest stadium in the country after this renovation?
A. Maybe, maybe not. Michigan's official seating capacity is currently 107,501, and any decrease below 107,282 would leave Penn State's Beaver Stadium as the largest college football venue in America. The worst-case scenario in preliminary plans envisions seating capacity falling to 102,633 because of the widening of seats and aisles, but Michigan officials said that they want to keep the capacity at or near 107,501. They also said Michigan won't get caught up in a seating "arms race" and expand Michigan Stadium further if Texas A&M carries through on plans to expand Kyle Field to 115,000 seats.


rich said...

yeah baby, beaver stadium will be number 1 for a little while. when i went to michigan stadium last season i was completely surprised that it holds so many people. but anywho, if you keep reading that article it says the seat width for the stadium:

Q. Will any season-ticket holders have their seats moved?
A. Yes. Two of the project's major goals are to increase bench seat width - from about 17 inches per seat to about 18 inches on average - and to widen access aisles to 4 feet throughout the stadium. This will result in the loss of anywhere from hundreds to 10,000 current seats, although school officials called the higher figure extremely unlikely. The seat loss, regardless of size, will require some ticket holders to be moved. Michigan officials said they will try to keep displaced ticket holders as close as possible to their former seats.

Paterno Lives! said...

Good find, I was also able to pick this in the comment section of the UM paper:

posted 3/11/08 @ 11:55 AM EST
Have read in the past that if the same width (in inches) of each seat were allocated at "Big House" as exists at Beaver, capacity @ AA would already be less than @ Beaver? Is this true?

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posted 3/11/08 @ 12:05 PM EST
yes. and who cares if the big house is the largest, when its also the quietest.

still nothing on the Beaver Stadium size, I want to say 19 inches...the wiki people are already all over this:


Nick said...

Who cares what the inches are? There are a hell of a lot of asses that take up more than they're given.

Paterno Lives! said...

the problem, also, is that those asses that take up too much room often bring along their wives, who all too often require more than the 19 inches allotted.