Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Of the 920 higher education institutions in the country, Penn State manged to gain the 22nd highest amount of cash via congressional earmarks among those schools.

This isn't very surprising, when it comes to money Old Main usually doesn't mess around. So 22nd is good for about $15.3 million. Not bad, but with an operating budget near $3.4 billion, hardly significant.


Nick said...

Those are research grants and aren't they? Is that even included in the operating budget?

Paterno Lives! said...

i wasn't able to find out what they are for...i did find some other earmarks for other schools that were not research related (land cleanup, for example). i couldn't tell you whether it was included in total spending or not.

i was just struck at how many headlines it received considering how small the figure is (relative, of course).

Nick said...

Penn State is essentially a "private" public university in that less than like 10 percent of its budget comes from the state.